Return Of The God Of War Chapter 440

Chapter 440

Zoey was fuming with rage but there was nothing she could do about it. She had to wait for the movies to finish filming.

“Honey, is your company’s entertainment side short on manpower?” Levi queried.

Zoey nodded, “Yep, we’ve always been understaffed and were on the lookout for new talents!”

“Well, it happens that I’ve signed all of them for you during the interview yesterday. I’ve interviewed them all myself. Their acting skills are superb, but they don’t have a chance to showcase their talents!”

Levi told her about what happened during the interview earlier.

“What a pity. They were trained in acting and singing but had to find work elsewhere,” Zoey sighed.

“I’ll get them to look for you tomorrow!”


The following day, shortly after Zoey arrived at her office, the four men hired by Levi appeared.

A man and a woman caught her attention immediately.

The man was Maurice Lorraine while the woman was Helena Engler.

At least, they had the looks.

Normally, they would both have an opportunity to become famous. However, they did not have the background since they were from rural areas, and at the same time, they were unwilling to play by the unspoken rules.

Hence, they ended up in this state.

Zoey got professionals from the entertainment department to interview them and they all passed. After signing the contract, they officially became artistes under the Oriental Star Group. Even if they had to start from the bottom, the four of them were excited.

They also knew that with Oriental Star Group’s reputation in North Hampton, this would not have been possible without Levi’s help.

Helena immediately sent a message to Levi to treat him to a meal.

At the drama department, Niall, Yvonne, and the other top artistes were usually lazy and treated work lightly.

However, that day, they were slacking even more than usual. Forgetting or memorizing the wrong lines were common. At times, Niall’s expression even wandered and did not look at the camera at all.

The stage crew was furious, but there was nothing they could do about it. After all, they were famous stars that no one could afford to offend. They could only take scene by scene and hope for the best during editing.

Niall and Yvonne exchanged knowing looks and had an elated expression. This had happened because of what occurred the previous night.

Both of them were angry at Zoey and wanted to get their revenge. At this point in time, Zachary called them up and strengthened their resolve. They were bent on getting revenge on the Oriental Star Group.

“Let me introduce everyone. These are artistes newly signed by the company. They graduated from North Hampton Film Academy and are very talented. That’ll reduce the burden on the drama department!” Gerry announced as he brought the four over.

Many were disgusted by the four daft-looking individuals. Most people disliked newcomers.

“Can we treat them as we like?” Niall asked.

Gerry responded, “Of course. Niall, you’re their senior. Ordering them around is a privilege to them!”

Helena and the others recognized stars like Niall and Yvonne. They were eager to be of help to them. If they could establish a good relationship with them, their career would be set!

“Alright then! You, go get me some water!” Niall pointed towards Helena.

“Me? Sure!” Helena felt privileged by this gesture.

She immediately went to pour him a cup of water and carefully brought it in front of Niall.

“Senior, please have some water!” Helena offered it to him with a smile.

Niall scrutinized Helena carefully. This lass has got the looks. She isn’t inferior to Yvonne in any way.

“Ahem,” Yvonne cleared her throat. Only then did Niall take the glass of water.


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