Return Of The God Of War Chapter 441

Chapter 441

“Argh!” Niall screamed and spat the water out on Helena.

“What the hell?”

Niall splashed the remaining water in the cup towards Helena.

“The water is so hot! Were you trying to burn me?” Niall roared.

“Huh?” Helena covered the parts of her body which were wet and was taken aback.

“Newcomer, what’s up with you? Did you do this on purpose? What’s with the hot water?”

“Yeah! What’s up with this? Do you not want to act anymore?”

“Are you looking for trouble?”

Several people started accusing Helena.

Several dozens of people ganged up on a young lady.

Helena was frightened and started sobbing.

“Heh, see? Zoey is here to make life difficult for us!” Yvonne started fanning the flames.

“That’s right! The timing was too coincidental! The newcomers came right after what happened last night!”

“She’s sent them to deal with us!”

They quickly pushed the blame to Zoey.

Niall cast his gaze upon Helena and demanded, “Hey! Kneel down and apologize! Otherwise, I won’t let you off!”

“That’s right! Kneel!” the others chanted.

Helena was frightened out of her wits.

It was her first day and something so major had happened.

If she had known earlier, she would have stuck to sales.

Just as Helena was about to kneel down, Maurice stopped her.

“Apologize? What for?” Maurice demanded.

“She gave me a cup of boiling water on purpose! She’s clearly trying to scald me,” Niall burst out in rage.

Maurice argued, “You only said to get you some water. You didn’t specify if you wanted it hot or cold! That’s your own problem.”

Niall scoffed, “You could have asked! That’s common sense. God gave you a mouth for a reason. If you don’t even have this much common sense, you shouldn’t be an actor!”

“I…” Maurice was speechless when faced with the unreasonable Niall.

“Is this the way you should be talking to a senior? I didn’t offend you, did I? Do you really take me for granted?” Niall continued ferociously.

Maurice was scared as well. Offending a famous star like him would mean the end of his career. They were just some commoners from rural areas, to begin with. They were no match for these people.

“W-we’ll apologize…” the other two stammered.

They were worried that things would blow up.

Niall sneered at Maurice and pointed at the water on the ground. He demanded,

“You’ll kneel down to apologize to me as well and lick the water on the ground clean. If you do that, I’ll forgive you!”

Maurice was a hot-blooded youth and got angered by Niall.

“Don’t push your luck. I’ve got nothing to lose here!” he spat as he glared at Niall.

Niall slapped Maurice hard on the face.

Maurice was bewildered.

“You’re a few years too young to talk back to me like that!” Niall scoffed.

“I’ll kill you!”

Maurice was about to pounce on him, but several people held him down.

At this point in time Niall, Yvonne, as well as the other actors Zachary had assembled exchanged glances.

They would carry out the plan the Suarez family had requested.

Niall kicked a camera aside and yelled, “Damn it! I’ll quit! This is taking things too far!”


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