Return Of The God Of War Chapter 443

Chapter 443

“Mr. Wade, we’re going on strike. This isn’t fair at all!” Niall protested.

Gerry consoled him, “Niall, please calm down. This is a small matter!”

“How can we calm down? You’ve already pushed us so far. If you’re unhappy, just fire us!” Yvonne snarled.

Zoey asked, “What are your terms?”

Niall smirked, “Someone’s quick on the uptake. Winnie, tell them our terms!”

Winnie looked Zoey in the eye and began, “Ms. Lopez, if you want us to continue to work, you have to be sincere about it!”

“Well? How much do you want?” Zoey had seen this coming. They will definitely ask for an increase in pay.

Winnie held up three fingers and demanded, “We want triple the pay for all seven films with the ten actors involved! Otherwise, we will continue going on strike!”

Gerry was stunned. Triple the pay! That’s fifty million! The budget for the seven movies combined was fifty million already. Yet, they were demanding for all fifty million to go to the cast! Have they gone mad?

Director Timmons inhaled sharply. That’s outrageous!

However, they were in no position to bargain.

The Oriental Star Group’s entertainment business only survived because of these ten actors and actresses! If they left, the entertainment business would crumble.

They were severely disadvantaged and had nothing to bargain with.

“Wait, can we…” Gerry tried to negotiate.

Niall interrupted him, “Triple. I won’t be taking a cent less!”

Helena and the others were perplexed. Because of them, Oriental Star Group was now in a crisis.

“Zoey, you’re new to this place, so you don’t know how important we are! Oriental Star Group only made it to the top of North Hampton because of us! Why else will Gerry listen to our every demand?” Yvonne declared fearlessly.

Gerry hung his head and did not say anything in response. They’re right! These ten people are our source of income! We need to take good care of them!

Niall sneered, “Not only that. If you want this matter to be resolved, I want the rights to deal with the two of them as well!”

He then pointed at Helena and Maurice.

Helena was a beauty that he had set his sights upon.

Meanwhile, Maurice had attempted to defy him. He would not let him off easily.

Gerry pleaded softly, “Ms. Lopez, please agree to their terms! Even if we make a loss here, we need to keep them!”

Niall looked at Zoey smugly.

“Give us a day to reconsider. I’ll give you a reply tomorrow!” Zoey decided.

“Alright! A day off today then!”

With that, Niall and the others left.

Maurice, Helena, and the others ran towards Zoey and apologized, “Ms. Lopez, we’re sorry. This all happened because of us!”

“It’s not your fault. This would have happened anyway,” Zoey assured them.

Meanwhile, Levi, who was in the office, heard of this matter from Helena.

He immediately looked Zoey up.

“Why are you hesitating? Fire them all! How hard is it to hire a new star?” Levi scorned.

Under Levi’s encouragement, Zoey called Niall and the other actors’ managers and said, “Let me inform you that you’ve been fired!”


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