Return Of The God Of War Chapter 444

Chapter 444

When they received the call from Zoey, Winnie and the other managers had a smug look on their faces. They had not expected Zoey to fire them.


“What did you say? Repeat yourself!” Winnie nearly dropped her phone onto the floor.

“Let me repeat myself then. Niall, Yvonne, and the other eight actors have been fired by the company!” Zoey roared.

“Tch, don’t regret this, Zoey!” Winnie had an icy expression.

“I won’t regret it! Get the paperwork done and leave. Oriental Star Group doesn’t welcome you!”

When Zoey finally hung up, she felt immense satisfaction. She had finally gotten a weight off her chest.

“What? Zoey actually fired us? That’s impossible!” Niall and the others were fuming when they heard this.

How dare Zoey fire us?

In the past, they had acted arrogantly because they were the Oriental Star Group’s pillars of support. They were sure that Zoey would not dare to fire them. Yet, the result was not as they had expected.

“Tell that to Gerry! I’ll make sure she regrets it!” Niall instructed with his eyes narrowed.

Yvonne smiled, “Just wait. Sooner or later, Zoey will beg us to return!”

When Gerry and the upper management of the company found out about this, they confronted Zoey.

“Ms. Lopez, you can’t do this!”

Zoey was adamant, “Give up. I’ve already made my decision!”

“Please rethink your decision! Without these ten people, Oriental Star Group’s entertainment business is a goner! We owe our viewership to them!” Gerry pleaded between tears.

“That’s right! The loss is too great! The moment they leave, the seven movies we’ve planned are toast! We’ll lose fifty million!”

“That’s right! We’ll lose all of our contracts in the entertainment business!”

The others tried to highlight the severity of the issue.

At this point in time, Levi laughed, “What do you mean? The show must go on! We’ll just get another actor!”

“You’re not from the industry, so you wouldn’t understand! The advertising had already been done and the movies will only earn money because of their popularity! If you change the cast, you’ll still lose money!” Gerry spat angrily.

“Hehe, perhaps I’m not from this industry, but from the point of view of the audience, the quality of the movie matters the most. If the movie is entertaining, it will spread through word of mouth and definitely sell well! In fact, movies that star famous actors have been losing a lot of money!” Levi defended himself.

Gerry and the others were speechless. That is indeed the case! Nowadays, the movies to be screened in cinemas no longer hired actors who had a large fanbase.

The poor quality of the movies often resulted in losses. Most of the movies that starred these internet celebrities were online movies which targeted fans with a hit-and-run policy.

“You’ll definitely earn money from the fans by hiring celebrities to act, but your reputation will only get worse! Without good reviews, it’ll eventually be toast!” Levi continued.

Gerry sighed. Levi was right. The first movie would earn the greatest revenue, but the rest will have diminishing profits. There would be an increase in the number of complaints online as well. In essence, if the quality of the movie were bad, the fans would no longer watch them to support their idols.


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