Return Of The God Of War Chapter 445

Chapter 445

“How about this? Zoey, the four people I’ve recommended have good acting skills. Get a few good actors and let them be the lead actors instead!

That way, we’ll be saving a lot since we’re not paying the celebrities. We can spend that money on special effects and other scenes!

Other than that, we’ll increase the commission for the directors, scriptwriters, and editors. If we focus on quality for these seven movies, I don’t believe that they won’t sell!” Levi declared.

Zoey felt that it made sense and agreed, “Alright, we’ll do it as you say!”

Gerry agreed with Levi’s proposal but hesitated,

“We’ve already announced the cast for these movies. If we change the cast at the last minute, there’ll be a lot of protests!”

“That’s a good opportunity! The fact that there’s protests would mean that many people pay attention to this. We’re using new actors without any fame, so this will pique the attention of the audience! The advertising team can just create some hype for this movie. When the movie airs, we’ll become popular through word of mouth and the movie will definitely sell!” Levi explained.

Gerry’s eyes lit up, “Mr. Garrison, you’re a sharp man! Although Niall and the others left, we can use their popularity to hype up our new movies!”

Levi nodded, “Just go ahead and do it! Nurture a few new stars and I’ll try my best to advertise the movie when it screens!”

Meanwhile, Niall and the others were still waiting for Zoey to apologize.

When Gerry arrived, he declared sternly, “This is the official statement. All of you are fired. Leave now!”

“Huh?” Niall was perplexed.

Gerry came to fire us? What’s wrong with him?

“Gerry, have you gone mad? If we leave, what will happen to the seven movies? What will happen to Oriental Star Group?” Niall and the others spat furiously.

Gerry was livid as well. After all, he had let these people lord over him for such a long time.

He scoffed, “All of you are cancer to Oriental! If you stay, then we truly are finished! As for these seven movies, we’ve already found replacements for all of you!”

Gerry glanced at Helena and Maurice, who were trembling with fear.

“Maurice, Helena, you’ll be the main lead!”

Helena and the others were bewildered. What a roller coaster ride! Earlier, we just got ourselves in trouble! Moments later, we’re suddenly the lead of a movie with a budget of fifty million!

“Hahaha…” Niall, Yvonne, and the others burst out in laughter.

“Gerry, have you gone mad? You’re getting these newbies to act in a fifty-million movie? How will you secure your box office? You’ll definitely lose everything! Idiot!”

To these artistes, getting newbies to act in such a movie is absolutely impossible! Without our fame and fanbase, they’ll definitely make a loss!

“Haha, let’s leave! We’ll just watch them struggle! Don’t beg us to come back when that happens!”

With that, Niall, Yvonne, and the other eight artistes left promptly.

Gerry was nervous as well. After all, no one had dared to try such a plan before. The road ahead was full of unknowns, and if they had made the wrong bet, Oriental Star Group would be a goner.

After leaving Oriental Star Group, the ten artistes immediately got a contract under Shanks Entertainment under the Suarez family.

The news quickly spread across the entire North Hampton.

They regretted it! Gerry and the others had regretted it after all. Even Zoey started to wonder if she had made the wrong call.

They had essentially sent their aces to their competitors for free. They would use them to deal a huge blow to Oriental Star Group!

“Oriental is full of idiots! Especially Zoey! Oriental Star Group will be mine sooner or later!” Zachary was unbelievably excited.

He suddenly felt that he had overestimated Zoey this whole time.


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