Return Of The God Of War Chapter 447

Chapter 447

At this point in time, Shanks Entertainment was gaining popularity in North Hampton. The change of company by Niall and the others was a hot topic. The audience and fans looked forward to the movies produced by Niall and the others for Shanks Entertainment.

As the days passed, the Morris Group and Rogers Family progressed greatly as usual. However, the business in the city was not doing badly either.

In the short time span of one month, they bought over several enterprises and finally got a taste of profit.

Business in North Hampton was great. It was the top economy in Erudia after all.

This was coupled with the fact that there was no regulation on their extreme measures. Hence, they decided to take things up a notch.

More and more people moved into North Hampton to get a piece of this pie.

The Suarez family was a notable example. Zachary had entered to test the waters and lead the way for his father and uncles.

The Lopez family was progressing in secret as well, taking advantage of Harry’s influence.

In this month, Scott had been checking on the background of the Morris Group. It was no easy task, so it took an entire month.

“Godfather, as of now, we aren’t able to find out who is backing them. Moving forward, we’ll have to wait for the search results from the dark web. After that, we can make a move on the Morris Group.” Fernand reported.

The so-called dark web referred to sites which specialized in intelligence in the dark web. These websites had a membership system, and there were less than a hundred members in the entire world.

In the entire Erudia, only Scott was a member. Other than him, no one else could gain intel from the dark web.

“Alright. Tell Lopez to be prepared. I’m ready to take down the Morris Group!” Scott replied plainly while fiddling with the prayer beads in his hand.

Throughout the course of the month, the Oriental Star Group worked overtime to finish the two high-quality films. Helena and the others did not disappoint and displayed all their skills. They were truly skilled actors and actresses!

“These are the two most perfect movies I’ve filmed!” Shawn sighed.

The other crew members were excited as well due to the sheer quality of these movies.

No other movies could compare.

On the other hand, the Suarez family’s Shanks Entertainment filmed all seven movies in that one month.

The content was shabby and the quality was mediocre. However, Niall, Yvonne, and other famous actors were starring in them. There were a lot of pre-booked tickets from fans, amounting to a total of four hundred thousand in revenue.

Coupled with the fact that they had done their advertising in full force, they expected the total number of pre-bookings to total one million!

Niall and Yvonne scoffed, “Let’s destroy the entire Oriental Star Group!”

Both movies had already been sent to the National Radio and Television Administration for screening. As long as they passed the screening, they would be able to start airing immediately.

Shanks Entertainment had bought over all the main pages of major streaming sites. To them, the cost was no issue. They simply wanted to drive Oriental Star Group out of business.

“What should we do about advertising? All these proposals are no good!” Zoey expressed her dissatisfaction with the proposals given to her.

That was why there was no hype for the two movies up to that point.

The only news about those movies was how Niall and the others had flamed Oriental Star Group.

“Let me handle it!” Levi requested. He had plans for advertising.

“I’ll leave it to you, then!”

Zoey had a fair amount of confidence when it came to Levi.

The following day, the headlines read: Oriental Star Group’s seven newest movies had copied content from Shanks Entertainment!

The news spread across the entire North Hampton.


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