Return Of The God Of War Chapter 448

Chapter 448

For the past month, Oriental Star Group and Shanks Entertainment had been exchanging blows.

Now that such a thing had happened, everyone was shocked.

These seven movies were copied? Has Oriental Star Group gone mad?

The one who reported such news had even listed evidence.

He did a side-by-side comparison of the plots of the seven movies.

Anyone could tell that it had been copied.

To the fans, the screenwriters used were Yvonne and Niall’s private screenwriters and did not belong to Oriental Star Group. After they were fired, they had become a part of Shanks Entertainment. Hence, to them, the Oriental Star Group’s seven movies were all copied!

The net was suddenly bustling with people criticizing the Oriental Star Group.

This was especially so for the fans of the ten artistes who had left Oriental Star Group. Some fans had already organized protests on the internet attacking Oriental Star Group. They were prepared to stop at nothing to drive Oriental Star Group’s entertainment business out of business.

The relevant departments had even formed an investigation team and prepared to look into this.

The Oriental Star Group was shocked by this.

“That’s playing dirty!” Gerry slammed the table.

“I know, right! They copied our script and now they’re accusing us? How despicable!” the other executives spat. They were enraged as well.

Zoey laughed, “Levi, you’re so smart! You predicted their moves up to this point. Do they honestly think that they can sue us for copyright? How naïve. We’re airing two movies instead of seven, and the content is greatly different!”

Gerry was excited, “I can’t wait to see their faces when they see our movies!”

Levi had a glint in his eyes, “And here we were worrying about advertising! Let’s leave the internet be about the copyright issue. The more they attack us, the better! This will be free advertising for our movie!”

Zoey’s eyes lit up. Levi is a genius in finance and business!

“Alright, I’ll get straight to it!”

Levi added, “Release the news that Oriental Star Group’s movies will be airing soon. Don’t give away any titles or information! Just keep it as mysterious as possible!”

“Alright, got it!”

The news of Oriental Star Group’s film being aired in all major streaming sites had spread soon.

For some unknown reason, the media started attacking them more heavily.

All major mass media, blogs, and news channels were filled with criticisms.

It was as though they were going to force Oriental Star Group out of business entirely.

“That was brutal of them! That’s a few dozen times worse than what we had expected! Have we stirred up a public outrage?”

Niall, Zachary, and the others were excited.

Oriental Star Group would soon crumble and Zachary would be able to purchase it at a low price.

Yvonne analyzed this calmly and felt skeptical, “Why do I feel that something is amiss? The attacks on Oriental Star Group seemed to have increased tenfold, as though someone was behind it.”

“You worry too much. It’s just because the Oriental Star Group was accused of copyright. Soon, the investigation group will take action!” Niall replied.

Yvonne bit her lip, “I sure hope I’m overthinking things.”

“You definitely are. It must have been the people I’ve planted to attack the Oriental Star Group!”

“Furthermore, I’ve talked to the leader of the investigation team. They’ll be able to delay the release of Oriental Star Group’s screening by a week,” Zachary added.


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