Return Of The God Of War Chapter 449

Chapter 449

“Haha, our movie will be airing in three days! By the time their movie airs, we’d have already stolen the entire market! They won’t get a single cent!” Niall quipped excitedly.

The others looked forward to it as well.

The following day, the National Radio and Television Administration and related agencies formed an investigation team and headed to Oriental Star Group.

“We’re the investigation team! We’ve received a public complaint that the movie you’re about to air has copyright issues! Get your boss here!” Johnny Lerns, the head of the investigation team, demanded emotionlessly.

In the meeting room, Zoey, Gerry, and the others had arrived shortly.

“Zoey Lopez, was it? Your movie was accused of copyright infringement and we have sufficient evidence! How would you like to defend yourself?” Johnny demanded as he passed a thick stack of evidence over.

Zoey did not bother looking at that so-called evidence. The others were calm as well, as though nothing had happened.

This made Johnny infuriated. Johnny slammed the table and got up.

“Why? Are you proud of the fact that your work is copied? Are you happy that you’ve violated copyright laws? No wonder everyone says the Oriental Star Group is a lousy enterprise! I’ve finally seen it for myself!” Johnny bellowed.

Deep inside, he was laughing.

Before this, Zachary had instructed him to stir up as much trouble as possible. This made things a lot easier for him.

“Oriental Star Group! What’s the meaning of this? Can’t you see that we’re angry? Why are you laughing?” the other members of the investigation team were fuming as well.

Johnny pointed at Zoey and demanded, “I order you to pass me a copy of your film now! I’ll investigate it!”

Zoey chuckled, “I’m sorry, the film has been sent to the National Radio and Television Administration for screening. Now, the film is top-secret and no one has the right to order me to give it away!”


“I’m the leader of the investigation team. How dare you ignore me?” Johnny spat.

“Tell the related departments to delay the screening of Oriental Star Group’s movie by at least two weeks!” Johnny instructed.

“Got it!”

Johnny then turned to Zoey, “Zoey Lopez, I’ll ask you this one last time. Will you cooperate with the investigation?

Otherwise, I’ll decide that you’re guilty of copyright! When that happens, you’ll be blacklisted, your reputation will be ruined, and you’ll have to pay the penalty!”

Zoey laughed, “I didn’t copy anything. Do whatever you want!”

“You…” Johnny was bursting with rage.

How can the Oriental Star Group be so calm? It’s like they don’t care at all. Have they given up?

“Very well then,” Johnny sneered. “Since you refuse to cooperate with the investigation, I’ll hereby conclude the investigation!”

“Oriental Star Group is charged with infringement of copyright! Below are the penalties. Firstly, the entertainment business of Oriental Star Group shall be shut down for half a month. Secondly, the movie shall be modified and its airing delayed. Third, a fine of ten million! Finally, the person in charge will have to make a public apology!”

Gerry and the others’ faces fell. They did not expect the investigation team to deem them guilty of infringement of copyright directly.

Even if they had not copied anything, they would not be able to screen those two movies. At this point in time, Levi dialed a number, “Hello? Aurora, I need you to contact the person in charge of the National Radio and Television Administration in North Hampon!”


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