Return Of The God Of War Chapter 450

Chapter 450

Now that Levi had a personal secretary, Aurora, his work became a lot smoother.

Aurora immediately contacted the man in charge of the National Radio and Television Administration in North Hampton, Colin Shanks.

She then told him everything.

Colin got the shock of his life. He set aside all of his work and brought his men to the Oriental Star Group.

The Oriental Star Group conference room was filled with dead silence.

Many had a worried expression while Johnny was smug.

“How’s that? Do you still refuse to cooperate? To tell you the truth, I decide whether your movie gets to air or not! If you have a better attitude, perhaps I’ll reconsider my decision,” Johnny kept dropping hints.

He had already received a bribe from Zachary, so he wanted to get some benefits from the Oriental Star Group as well.

Everyone in the National Radio and Television Administration knew that this was a part of the competition between two companies.

It was not necessarily the case that Oriental Star Group was copying them.

Johnny was no exception. He knew that this investigation team was just a sham. Since he could get some benefits out of it, he would try to milk them as much as possible.

He would side with whoever paid him more.

“Sir, what do you mean by that? I’m a little slow, so you need to explain it in simpler terms,” Levi requested.

Johnny smiled, “Stop feigning ignorance. Well then, let me make this clear. I alone decide whether you guys are copying or not. As long as you guys make me happy, I can choose the fate of your movie.”

“Johnny Lerns, how dare you!”

The door to the conference was slammed open.

Colin and the other executives of the National Radio and Television Administration burst in.

“Huh? Sir, why are you here? I can’t possibly trouble you for such a trivial affair,” Johnny and the rest of the investigation team said.

“If I didn’t come, you’d be a disgrace to the entire National Radio and Television Administration!” Colin spat.

“What do you mean by that?” Johnny was perplexed.

“I’ve heard everything you said earlier!” Colin roared.

Johnny hurriedly attempted to cover it up, “That was a misunderstanding! I was scaring the Oriental Star Group. I had no choice since they refused to cooperate with the investigations!”

“Wrong! You’re completely wrong!” Colin glared at him.

“Huh? Who’s in the wrong, sir? What’s wrong?” Johnny and the others were perplexed.

“Why should the Oriental Star Group cooperate with you if they haven’t copied anything? This entire matter is absurd!”

“Sir, please be clearer. I don’t understand at all!”

Colin threw the script at Johnny and bellowed, “Take a look at this! Copyright? Shanks Entertainment made seven movies, but Oriental Star Group only made two! Can you even count? Look at the content! It’s completely different and it’s much better than Shanks Entertainment’s movies!”

Johnny immediately understood after seeing the scripts.

Zachary didn’t get the situation clear at all! He didn’t know what Oriental Star Group was filming and accused them of copyright infringement! So that’s why Oriental Star Group filmed in secret! They didn’t want others to know what they were filming!

“Johnny Lerns, you and your investigation team did not investigate based on facts and carelessly believed others, causing misjudgment. All of you are suspended for three months without pay! We’ll settle things based on your future performance!”


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