Return Of The God Of War Chapter 451

Chapter 451

Colin Shanks immediately doled out the punishment.


Johnny Lerns and his gang grew infuriated.

We didn’t get a single cent, but we still need to be suspended without pay for three months? Isn’t this a huge loss to us? But this guy is someone powerful… so what can we do?

“Additionally, two movies from the Oriental Star Group have passed the audit. We’ll start showing them after three days!” Colin announced.

Meanwhile, the higher-ups from the audit department exclaimed, “We’ve never seen such a well-produced movie! This will be a huge hit!”

Zoey and her colleagues breathed a sigh of relief.

The person in charge of the National Radio and Television Administration grinned and said, “Ms. Lopez, are you happy with this result?”

However, Colin stared at Levi, who stood by the side.

“I’m pretty satisfied! Mr. Shanks really is amazing!” Zoey smiled and said.

“It’s alright!” Levi answered.

“Phew!” Colin breathed a sigh of relief.

It doesn’t matter if anyone else isn’t pleased with the results; only her opinion matters.

Shanks Entertainment received the news in no time.

Meanwhile, Johnny’s investigation came to a dead-end because he couldn’t delay the release of the Oriental Star Group’s films.

They needed to release their movies three days later.

“Useless! You can’t even do a simple task like this!” Zachary Suarez was irate.

Niall Xander grinned. “It’s fine, Mr. Suarez. We already achieved the effect we wanted. They will definitely lose to us when our movies are released concurrently!”

“That’s right. The movies’ contents are identical, so they will definitely watch ours instead. Besides that, I already bought a lot of spots on the recommendations list on streaming websites. On the other hand, the viewers can’t find their movies even if they wanted to. How can they possibly compete with us?” Zachary was confident.

Their promotions undoubtedly completely overshadowed Oriental Star Group’s efforts.

Besides that, the plagiarism accusations plaguing the Oriental Star Group doomed them.

That was what Zoey and the gang were the most worried about.

“We contacted most of the streaming websites just now. They said that there weren’t any spots left in the recommendations list on the main page and even the subpages, because they have all been bought by Shanks Entertainment. It will spell disaster for us if this continues. Our movie qualities are good, but the viewers can’t even find it.” Zoey sounded frustrated as she spoke.

Levi stroked her hair. “Honey, forget about the promotions for now. Things will get better as time passes. When they compare our movies with theirs, our movies’ reputations will soar. Besides that, we are still popular from the plagiarism accusations! Everyone is waiting to compare our movies to see if we copied them!”

“Hahaha! You’re right. Our haters are our fans as well. They’ll probably turn into real fans when they watch our movies!” Zoey chuckled.

Levi flashed an indecipherable smile. “Besides that, I still have some tricks up my sleeve I can use after the movies get released!”

The day everyone was waiting for finally arrived. It was 8 p.m.

Seven movies from Shanks Entertainment were released at the same time on four major streaming sites.

They hogged all the spots on the recommendations list on the main pages; the first thing one would see if they opened the streaming website was advertisements about their movies.

As their popularity soared, a few million people were waiting expectantly for their release. They all rushed to watch it when they came out.

The reviews quickly came pouring in.

Terrible! All seven movies are terrible!

The acting, special effects, and plot are terrible. Everything’s terrible! There’s nothing redeemable about it!

Apart from a few good reviews by some fans, the rest of the viewers gave bad reviews.

The average score for all seven movies was only six point seven.

“Oh, right. Isn’t the Oriental Star Group’s movie plagiarized from somewhere? I think it got released today too. Let’s go watch it!”

Everyone started to search for the Oriental Star Group’s movies.


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