Return Of The God Of War Chapter 452

Chapter 452

In the Shanks Entertainment’s president’s office.

Niall, Zachary, and a few other people were present. They all looked displeased as they watched the real-time box office results.

Niall snorted. “It seems like the audience isn’t that gullible anymore!”

The manager, Winnie said, “That’s right. Viewers nowadays tend to care more about the content of the movie. Movies rarely cast young, handsome men now! Focusing on production quality is important!”

Niall chuckled. “Yes. That is why we need to take this opportunity to scam the dumbass fans’ money!”

Yvonne Wren agreed with that statement. “That’s right! The fans are stupid and easy to scam. We need to hurry up and make more movies of this kind! Once the dumbasses realize what’s going on, they won’t be so easy to scam anymore!”

If their fans heard what they said, they would probably blow up in rage.

“Oh, aren’t the Oriental Star Group’s movies being released as well? How are they doing?” Zachary couldn’t help but ask.

Niall chuckled. “I tried searching them in the streaming websites just now, but I still can’t find them.”

“They’re destined to fail! Even though our movies are trash, we are hogging all the spots in the recommendations lists! They can’t possibly succeed!” Yvonne chuckled coldly.

“President Shorts said he found their movies. They only have two of them, not seven!” The assistant showed Niall the tablet.

“Haha! Are they afraid of cutting a loss? They only filmed two movies, and who the f*** are the main actors? I haven’t even heard of them! They should be prepared that their movies will become a box office bomb!” Zachary guffawed as he played the movie.

After about three hours, the netizens finished watching the two Oriental Star Group’s movies.

“Can those who already watched the movies tell us if it’s good or not?” Some netizens were eager but afraid to watch the movies. They were scared the movies might turn out horrible.

“It’s amazing! It really is super good!”

“This is the most well-produced movie I’ve ever watched!”

“The plot is well-thought-out, the art is tasteful, the pacing is appropriate, the special effects are perfect, and the acting was superb! I give five stars out of five!”

“This movie is showing in the cinemas! It’s so amazing! I need to watch it again!”

Good reviews started to appear all over the internet.

The netizens regarded the Oriental Star Group’s two movies as masterpieces!

Furthermore, the ones who gave good reviews weren’t fans. They were the ones who had lambasted Oriental Star Group before for plagiarism. They had watched the movies just because of the scandal.

When the higher-ups in the Oriental Star Group saw the good reviews and the rising popularity of the two movies, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well done! Levi, you’re amazing!” Zoey hugged Levi.

Levi coughed out of embarrassment.

Zoey’s face immediately flushed red because Gerry Wade and the others were in the office. She had been so excited she forgot that they weren’t alone.

Levi chuckled. “Let’s officially start our promotions! Try to generate as much public attention as possible, including doing what Niall did before. In short, do everything you can to promote the movies!”


The higher-ups were excited. Judging by how things were progressing, the two movies might generate more revenue than they have ever imagined!

“I still have a trump card. I’ll use it tonight!” Levi chuckled.

“I’ll be looking forward to it!”

Levi grinned. “Besides that, the people in charge of those streaming websites will start knocking on our doors soon enough!”


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