Return Of The God Of War Chapter 454

Chapter 454

Zachary felt despondent when he received the calls.

He had never thought the major streaming sites would call him one after another to inform them that they would remove the seven movies from the recommendations lists.

Eventually, none of the movies they produced were left on the recommendation lists.

All seven movies were replaced by the two movies from the Oriental Star Group; those two movies dominated the main page of the streaming websites.

Furthermore, Zachary had spent about fifty million to buy the spots on the recommendation lists, while the major streaming sites had offered the same thing to the two movies from the Oriental Star Group of their own volition without requesting any form of payment.

The popularity of the two movies continued to rise!

Zoey beamed brightly when she saw the real-time box office results.

The production costs of the movie were two hundred million; they gained that much revenue in just six hours.

This broke the box office records of all the major streaming sites.

It was originally estimated that it would take about one week for the movie to offset the costs.

“It’s time to use the trump card!” Levi chuckled.

Not long after, the superstars from Erudia, Zak Copland and Yelda Zamora started their promotions at the same time.

“Up next, I would like to recommend two movies… they are absolutely awesome! I guarantee that with my honor!”

“If you don’t like it, I can refund you your membership fees! I, Zak Copland, promise you that!”

Twenty of the country’s A-list stars started to promote the Oriental Star Group’s movies together, and its popularity boomed once again.

The members they gained exceeded fifty million, and they were about to reach the one hundred million members milestone.

Furthermore, all the major media companies started to give coverage to those movies as well.

The two movies were considered the pinnacle of the film industry.

The industry experts were excited as well. Everyone started to guess how much the movies would gain in revenue in a month.

One billion is probably a piece of cake. Can they reach two billion?

A box office result like that used to be reserved for movies traditionally shown in cinemas. But movies streaming online managed to achieve such a spectacular result! It’s unbelievable!

However, while some rejoiced, some suffered.

For example, Shanks Entertainment was one of those who were in a tough spot.

The negative influence from the public opinion about the movie itself was overwhelming. That caused a lot of investors to revoke their funding.

Their artists started to terminate their contracts as well.

In no time, a crisis befell the company, something Zachary had not been expecting.

After all, the Shank family’s venture into the entertainment industry was their most successful one. Yet now, everything was crumbling apart in just one month!

Zachary’s father, uncle, and grandfather all called to berate him.

“Useless pieces of trash! You can’t even act! Why are you even acting? What were you f***ing doing?” Zachary vented his rage at Niall, Yvonne, and the rest of the actors.

He slapped them forcefully; they didn’t dare to say anything.

“Get lost! Get the hell away from here! Give me back your salaries. I’ll kill whoever wants to keep the money!”

Zachary flailed around furiously and chased all the people out.

When the actors stepped outside, Niall discussed something with his team and manager.

“We never thought something like this would happen! We can’t stay in Shanks Entertainment anymore!”

The manager, Winnie, replied, “Yeah. Your reputations are heavily tarnished! We can’t keep doing this anymore! How about we go back to Oriental Star Group?”

Yvonne asked anxiously, “Can we really do that?”

“Sigh. They will definitely be angry, but no matter what happens, we can still bring profits to them. I don’t think they won’t take us back!” Winnie said.

Niall nodded. “That’s right. After all, we were the most important artists there! They don’t even have anyone else except for us! And those rookies? They are not even experienced!”


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