Return Of The God Of War Chapter 455

Chapter 455

“We shouldn’t have left. We would’ve executed the direction of those films much better. Our wealth and reputation would’ve increased as well. Let’s go back and get those guys to plan something for us,” Yvonne said coldly.

She had a feeling Helena and Maurice were popular only because the movie itself was good.

The next morning.

“Ms. Lopez, Niall Xander’s and Yvonne Wren’s managers want to meet you!” Gerry Wade approached her and said.

“Alright. Let them in!”

A posse of people showed up in the office in no time.

“Ms. Lopez, we were foolish. We’ve made a mistake. Please forgive us!” The manager, Winnie, said.

Zoey smiled. “It’s alright. You all just wanted to go to a better company. They really are stronger than us!”

“We really made a mistake! We hope to rejoin your company now. After all, we were once a team, and we know each other well!” Winnie smiled.

At that moment, Levi suddenly appeared and mocked, “How shameless can you get? Didn’t you say we will regret our actions? What happened then? Are you here to get a taste of our wealth now that our movies became popular?”

Niall and the rest felt indignant, but they still needed to keep their tempers in check. After all, they were the ones asking for a favor.

Niall stared at Zoey and asked, “Ms. Lopez, can you tell us what we should do to rejoin your company?”

Zoey was about to say something when Levi interrupted her. “Rejoining Oriental Star is a piece of cake. You just need to show us how sincere you are. How about kneeling here for six hours? It shouldn’t be that tough, right?”


Niall was about to lose his temper before Winnie stopped him.

“Alright. We agree with that. I hope you keep your promise as well!”

“Yeah. I promise!” Levi guaranteed.

Niall and the rest kneeled on the ground; that pleased everyone. After all, Niall and his gang had bullied them for the longest time. They kneeled for six whole hours, and Niall was utterly embarrassed.

He exhaled sharply and smiled coldly. “Alright, we’ve kneeled for six hours already. I hope you keep your end of the promise!”

“What promise?” Zoey asked.

“Didn’t you say that if we kneeled down for six hours you would let us rejoin the Oriental Star Group?” Niall almost shouted.

Zoey smiled. “Go and look for the one who promised you that!”

“The man beside you just now promised us that. Why are you eating your words right now?” Niall tried his best to suppress his anger.

“I’m so sorry. That guy isn’t even an employee from our company. Did you really just do whatever he said?” Gerry chuckled.

“Hahaha…” Everyone else laughed too.

“D-Did you trick us?” Niall and his team soon realized that they had been fooled.

“We are not responsible for that. You haven’t seen that guy before, have you?” Zoey asked

Niall exchanged a horrified glance with his team because they knew she made sense. They had indeed never seen him before.

“I’ll kill you!” Niall finally lost his temper.

“Security, chase them out!”

The security guards kicked Niall and his team out of the building.

Zachary hit a stump. He started to ask about what was happening in South City.

At the same time, there were some news on the dark web today.

“Stepdad, the Morris Group’s boss doesn’t have an interesting background, but he’s very sly and methodical! That was how he managed to devastate Winston Gonzales and his allies!” Fernand Yates said.

Scott stopped turning the prayer beads in his hand as he slowly opened his eyes and said coldly, “Alright. Let us begin now!”

The most prominent character in Erudia was about to make his move.


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