Return Of The God Of War Chapter 459

Chapter 459

Fernand glared at both of them. “I don’t want any other woman because the women I want are right here. You… you, you, you, and you…”

Fernand pointed at seven or eight women present in the room.

Anthony’s and Leo’s wives, as well as their cousins’ wives, were included in Fernand’s list.

Besides that, the wives of the younger people in the Rogers family were included as well.

“No! We can’t do this! Mr. Yates, please find someone else! They are ordinary ladies!” Anthony’s cousin, Silas Rogers, said.

Zachary slapped Silas forcefully.

“How f***ing shameless can you get! Mr. Yates wants those ladies! How dare you talk back to him!” Zachary shouted.

Silas rubbed his face and said pitifully, “But that is my wife! No, means no!”

Golem, who was as tall as a large boulder, approached him and picked him up.

He then slammed Silas forcefully on the floor.

The cracking sound signified that Silas’ waist had been broken.


Everyone felt numb when they heard Silas’ screams, and they could feel their blood run cold.

“Hm? Keep talking!” Zachary laughed.

“What are you doing? Go to Mr. Yates!” Zachary commanded.

Silas’ wife and the other ladies approached Fernand.


Fernand pulled two women into his arms, and they screamed while the other women surrounded them.

Fernand groped and kissed them from time to time.

“What are you two doing?”

Zachary stared at Anthony’s and Leo’s wives, Fiona and Marybelle.

He then stepped forwards and forcibly pulled them towards Fernand.

Fiona and Marybelle urgently shot Anthony and Leo looks of desperation.


“Yeah! Not in your wildest dreams! How can our wives be humiliated like this?”

The brothers Anthony and Leo protested vigorously and they were about to pounce on Fernand.

However, Bones and Titan approached them as well.

Anthony and Leo felt their chests constrict because they could feel a menacing aura.

“No, no!” Glenn immediately stopped Anthony and Leo in their tracks because he didn’t want his sons to die.

“Anthony… Leo…” Fiona and Marybelle cried out helplessly.

They were then trapped in Fernand’s arms and molested.

The men in the Rogers family watched as their wives, daughters, and sisters get violated, yet they couldn’t do anything even though they were furious.

They could only stare as the scene unfolded.

This is so utterly humiliating!

When Anthony and Leo saw their wives getting groped in front of them, they clenched their fists so hard that their fingernails dug into their flesh and bled.

They felt so despondent that tears started to stream down their face.

“Get out! Or do you want to stay and watch the show?” Fernand chuckled.

The men in the Rogers family were so angry they almost lost their marbles because they knew what Fernand was about to do.

How could they tolerate the fact that Fernand harassed their women in their own territory?

However, they couldn’t fight back because death awaited them if they did so.

They were all chased out of the dining room. The three mighty generals guarded the entrance so they couldn’t get in.

Shrieks of horror were heard from the dining room.

Anthony and Leo kneeled on the floor and exclaimed, “Revenge! We must have our revenge. Let’s go and look for Mr. Garrison!”

The two brothers exchanged a glance.


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