Return Of The God Of War Chapter 460

Chapter 460

Glenn had that thought too. Only Levi could stand up against Scott.

He was the only hope the Rogers family had!

However, Sebastian stopped them in their tracks.

“Are you about to ask the boss of the Morris Group for help? It doesn’t matter anyway because Mr. Yates is here to deal with him too! It’ll be great if you asked him to come over!”

Glenn had a despondent expression because they didn’t even get the chance to ask for reinforcements.

An hour passed, and Fernand soon stepped out of the room with a tired expression.

In the dining room, the women’s clothes were tattered, and they huddled together and wept softly.


Leo and Anthony bellowed in rage.

They wanted to kill Fernand right there and then, but they fell silent when they saw Bones, Titan, and Golem.

Pouncing on him would only mean death for them!

“From now on, we will be staying here!

Fernand really took it too far; not only did he humiliate the Rogers family, but he now wanted to live in their house.

The Rogers family’s women were horrified when they heard that because this meant they would fall victim to him again.

Glenn had a sudden realization that Fernand was forcing them to call Levi over!

If they didn’t call Levi, Fernand would never leave.

“Hm? Are you not happy with Mr. Yates staying here?” Golem asked in a low voice.

The Rogers family didn’t dare protest.

“It’s an honor to the Rogers family that Mr. Yates is staying here!” Glenn immediately answered.

The news that Fernand Yates was staying in the Rogers family’s house quickly spread across North Hampton.

Everyone in North Hampton soon knew Scott’s stepson was here along with three of The Four Mighty God of Wars.

The Mighty God of Wars were way more powerful than Sebastian, so everyone in North Hampton felt terrified.

The Mighty God of Wars were the ones who had oppressed Erudia, and their arrival meant that the person who had retired for thirty years had come out of his retirement!

Besides that, Fernand Yates’ behavior was absolutely abhorrent.

He headed straight to the Rogers family after he arrived at North Hampton, killed a few of their men, and raped their women.

He was even living in the Rogers family’s house now!

Furthermore, Glenn Yates was forced to extend his warmest welcome to Fernand and satisfy his every need!

He was willing to go that low to protect the Rogers family.

Glenn knew that if they angered the three Mighty God of Wars, they would probably massacre the entire Rogers family.

Meanwhile, at night, Fernand was visited seven or eight times in the Rogers family’s house.

He wore a bathrobe and swirled his glass of wine as he chuckled and said, “My stepfather suppressed me so much back in the day! This is how I’m supposed to be living! I think I need to extend my stay in North Hampton.”

Being in North Hampton meant that he could do whatever he liked.

“These two movies are pretty popular these days. I can see them everywhere! The main actress is pretty good. I heard that she’s a rookie,” Fernand said in amusement.

Zachary, who stood by his side, immediately said, “Mr. Yates, I know who the main actress is. Her name is Helena Engler, and she’s under the Oriental Star Group.”

“Oh? You know her?” Fernand looked up and asked.

“I’ll bring her to you if you’re interested!” Zachary chuckled.

Fernand patted Zachary and exclaimed, “Good. You know your place. The Suarez family is blessed to have someone like you!”

“I’ll bring her over right now! Um… but… “ Zachary hesitated.

A hint of frustration could be seen on Fernand’s face. “What’s wrong? Why are you stuttering?”

“The Oriental Star Group’s female president, Zoey Lopez, is a stunning beauty as well! Let me show you some pictures of her!”

Zachary wanted someone else to do the dirty work for him.


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