Return Of The God Of War Chapter 462

Chapter 462

When they entered Levi’s house, they realized that no one was there.

“Huh? Is she not here?”

Zachary took a look around and he couldn’t spot anyone.

“Where did she go? Go and look for her!” Zachary commanded his subordinates.

Bones waved his hand and said, “No need for that. We’ll send the two people back because Mr. Yates is waiting!”

“Alright. I’ll bring Zoey with me once I find out where she is!”

Afterwards, Helena and Iris were sent to the Rogers family’s house.

Fernand’s eyes sparkled with ecstasy when he saw how pretty they were. He thought they were worth his wait.

However, he had already come because he couldn’t help himself just now.

That was why he needed to wait a while longer to be able to rape the two ladies.

“Mr. Yates, should we go look for Zoey Lopez now?” Zachary asked.

Fernand replied, “Go quickly. We still have time!”

Incidentally, Levi and Zoey had gone to their parents’ place tonight and returned to their house afterwards.

“Huh? Why did Iris sleep so early tonight?” Zoey exclaimed when she saw that the lights in Iris’ room were turned off.

Iris would usually keep her lights on until one or two in the morning because she was a workaholic.

“Something’s amiss!” Levi had a bad feeling because he had received news from Nueve that Fernand Yates had come to North Hampton.

Originally, he didn’t dwell on the matter. However, he sensed something was wrong with Iris, so he immediately recalled this piece of information.

“Honey, go home first. I have something I need to do!”

After Levi asked Zoey to head back, he arranged for someone to protect her.

Azure Dragon immediately drove to pick them up when they stepped out from the Bayview Garden.

“God of War, Ms. Anabelle has been abducted along with Helena Engler! Fernand Yates is in the Rogers family’s mansion right now, and he is committing all kinds of brutalities!” Azure Dragon said.

“Is he powerful?” Levi asked.

“Fernand’s father, Scott Yates, is the top figure in Erudia, and The Four Mighty God of Wars under his command can wipe out a whole army by themselves!”

Levi listened in amusement and instructed, “Alright. Ask White Tiger to come here. Tell him he’s about to square off against powerful opponents! The Black and White Guards were too weak for him, and he’s been complaining about that ever since!”

“Alright. Got it!”

In the Rogers family’s manor.

Everyone in the Rogers family was kneeling on the ground while Fernand was patiently waiting as the three Mighty God of Wars stood by his side.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Helena and Iris had woken up, and they stared around in horror.

“Haha! Let me introduce myself. I am Fernand Yates from South City! I invited both of you to have a drink with me!” Fernand chuckled.

Helena was afraid, so she hid behind Iris.

Iris, on the other hand, was poised. “I don’t even know you. Why should I drink with you?”

“You know me now, don’t you? Besides that, Morris Group is about to be ruined, so isn’t being with me a better choice now?” Fernand grinned.

“What? The Morris Group is about to be ruined?”

Iris knew there was bad blood between South City and the Morris Group, so she immediately realized they were seeking revenge on them.

“Is this the Rogers family’s manor?” Iris exclaimed in surprise when she saw the people kneeling.

How strong can this guy be to bring the entire Rogers family down?

“You’re Iris Annabelle, aren’t you? Let me tell you something…”

Iris was dumbstruck when Sebastian told her what had happened to the Rogers family.

This Fernand guy is terrible!

How dare he humiliate the Rogers family like this!

When Fernand saw how shy Helena was and how coy Iris was, he became excited again.

He waved his hands to chase everyone out.

“No… what are you doing?” Iris had a sudden realization as she stepped back instinctively.


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