Return Of The God Of War Chapter 463

Chapter 463

Fernand threw Helena and Iris on the bed. He was skilled in martial arts; the ladies couldn’t fight back.

Helplessness flashed in the Rogers family’s eyes as they watched the scene unfold.

What an impudent person!

Is he really gonna do the deed when so many people are around?

I feel so miserable for the two ladies targeted by Fernand!

At that moment, the manor’s door collapsed, and all the windows shattered.

The loud noise startled everyone. It caused them to stop in their tracks.

Even Fernand, who was about to pounce on the ladies, stopped as he stared at the door.

Four people stood by the entrance.

Kirin and White Tiger stood beside Levi, who was smoking a cigar .

“Huh? Levi? From the Morris Group?”

“Are you Neil Rhodes?”

Zachary and Sebastian Lopez exclaimed with an expression of horror.

“Huh? What? Someone from the Morris Group?” Fernand put on his bathrobe and approached them eagerly.

At the same time, Bones, Titan, and Golem were excited as well.

“Haha, you really are digging your own grave!” Fernand chuckled.

Zachary and Sebastian were agitated as well. The people from the Morris Group finally arrived, but the only fate that awaited them was death.

We can finally avenge the Suarez family and the Lopez family!

“Levi, be prepared to die!” Zachary guffawed.

“Kill them!”

Fernand waved his hands, and the three Mighty God of Wars stepped forward, glaring at Levi and his posse menacingly.

White Tiger took a step forwards and beckoned them to come over by waggling his finger.

“Come at me, all at once!”

White Tiger’s smugness shocked everyone.

How dare he act so boastfully when facing Fernand and the three Mighty God of Wars!


Titan had the hottest temper out of the bunch, so he roared and pounced on White Tiger like a ferocious beast first.

He was skilled in martial arts, and he had enough strength to kill a tiger with just one punch.

His punch made a very jarring noise.

Titan could kill someone with a punch, but White Tiger responded with a punch of his own instead of dodging it.

White Tiger’s punch seemed weak, but maniacal murderous intent and immense power were infused in it.

When the punch reached Titan, his expression changed drastically.

It’s so powerful!

Their fists crashed into each other and made a dull noise.

Blood spurted out of Titan’s mouth as his right arm exploded from the impact.

Besides that, he was sent flying by the punch. When he landed on the ground, blood gushed out from his orifices, and he died on the spot.

Killed with just one punch!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“I’ll kill you!” Bones was the next one who pounced on White Tiger.

He moved as fast as lightning, and one’s eyes could barely make out his silhouette from the speed he was travelling at.

However, White Tiger was even faster. He grabbed Bones’ wrist.

White Tiger twisted his hand gently and snapped Bones’ wrist.

“Ugh!” Bones shrieked.

Afterwards, White Tiger shattered Bones’ arms, ankles, and legs. He left Bones lying limply on the ground like a skeleton.

Bones looked absolutely miserable.


In the next moment, Golem’s bulky stature loomed over White Tiger as he came crashing down.

White Tiger gripped Golem’s head and smashed it onto the ground.

After eight consecutive punches, Golem’s head was a bloody mess, and a huge dent was imprinted on it.

Golem’s colossal body fell on the ground with a resounding Thud.

White Tiger had defeated Fernand Yate’s three out of Four Mighty God of Wars all by himself!


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