Return Of The God Of War Chapter 467

Chapter 467

However, everyone who knew him well enough knew that he was a total psycho, not to mention a killing machine. It’s not like he had never faced tens of thousands of people by himself before.

At that moment, Glenn hastily rushed over.

“Mr. Garrison, this will be tricky. No matter how powerful you are, things will still be dangerous if these people unleash their madness. Tens of thousands of people coming right at us all at once, it feels scary just to think about it.”

Glenn shivered at the thought.

Nonetheless, Levi said in a relaxed manner, “Glenn, prepare a coffin to be sent to the funeral.”

“Huh? What do you mean, Mr. Garrison?” Glenn was confused.

Wouldn’t sending a coffin to Scott be provoking him?

“What is it? Are you questioning me?” Levi said.

“I wouldn’t dare. I will arrange for it immediately!”

Cold sweat broke out on Glenn’s forehead.

After Glenn left, Levi asked, “Where is the Cavalry Regiment?”

“They’re currently located at the Northwest Great Desert, sir!” Phoenix said.

“I hereby summon the Cavalry Regiment to come to North Hampton tomorrow!” Levi said coldly.

It was at that moment, Azure Dragon and Kirin knew Levi was serious about it this time.

Everyone knew that Levi’s personal army is the invincible Iron Brigade.

However, few were aware that Levi had personally built several small troops which were invincible as well.

For example, the Cavalry Regiment was formed of 18 powerful professionals.

They were the embodiment of destruction.

Once, Levi led the Cavalry Regiment to war. They annihilated twenty thousand people in one night and destroyed a small country with a mere troop of nineteen people.

These eighteen psychos were like a steel knife stabbing right into their enemy’s heart.

It was a taboo to even mention the names of these soldiers in the battlefield. Because one will not even be aware when their entire barracks got destroyed…

“Also, tell Alfie to start moving! He must be out of shape now after having rested for so long in the South Warzone,” Levi said.

The Dragon Legion and Iron Brigade troops stationed at the South Warzone got really excited as soon as news broke.

They could finally let off steam after holding it in for two or three months!

Alfie quickly gathered everyone.

“Listen up! We have an important mission in three days! Moreover, we will be fighting alongside the God of War!” Alfie shouted.

Upon hearing that they would be fighting alongside the supreme God of War, everyone went into a frenzy of excitement.

They were so excited that every single one of them teared up.

This is such a rare opportunity!

“Please don’t embarrass me on the battlefield. I hope we will be able to settle everything without having the God of War and his guards lift a finger!” Alfie yelled at the top of his voice.

“Can you promise me that?”

“Yes!” everyone shouted at the top of their lungs.

“Can we do it?”

“Yes, we can!”

“Let’s all do well in this mission! Show them the Dragon Legion’s wrath! We must let the God of War know we can still be at our best even when we’re out of our element!” Alfie shouted enthusiastically, so much that his voice turned hoarse.

“The Dragon Legion is invincible!”

“The Dragon Legion is invincible!”

The outcry of these soldiers shook the heavens and earth!

Everyone in the South Warzone were stunned!

Their ruthlessness is terrifying!

Is something going on since they have been assigned a mission?

Everyone in the South Warzone were trying to find out what was happening.

The Iron Brigade were supposed to be on break. It must be something big since they’re being mobilized!


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