Return Of The God Of War Chapter 468

Chapter 468

Inside South Warzone’s commander-in-chief’s office.

The commander-in-chief, vice commanders-in-chief, and a few higher-ups each sat on their seats with their brows tightened.

“Commander-in-chief has no idea what is going on. There are no battles in Erudia or in the nearby provinces.”

“Yeah. I’ve tried asking Alfie but he said it’s top secret, and instructed personally by the God of War!”

“I wonder what the commotion is about…”

A few of them reported.

South Warzone’s commander-in-chief, Mike Pence, sighed, “I’m just worried that the problem is within our territory. I wouldn’t want the God of War to settle it for us when we’re not even aware of it.”

“Report, sir, I think I’ve figured it out!” Captain Mortimer said.

“Well, what is it?”

“Scott Yates from South City has been the talk of the town lately. He has been gathering his old troops and his disciples. I heard that he is planning to invade North Hampton!” said Mortimer.

“Oh, I got it. Scott’s godson and the Mighty God of Wars have stationed themselves at North Hampton. Now that I think about it, who else in North Hampton can stand against Scott aside from the God of War?” one of the vice commander-in-chief jumped in.

“Do you mean that Scott is going to fight the God of War head on?” Mike asked in surprise.

“Exactly! Scott has gathered his old troops and disciples for the sole reason of having his revenge!”

“I bet he doesn’t know that he will be facing the God of War!” someone else chimed in.

“How presumptuous! How dare he disrespect the God of War?”

“Mortimer, bring your troops to destroy Scott Yates!” The hot-tempered Mike said angrily.

“You must not do that, commander-in-chief! The Dragon Legion are already in the midst of preparation. This means that the God of War wants to deal with Scott personally. We must not overstep our boundaries!” someone else advised.

“That makes sense, but keep an eye out on the situation. Resolve the matter immediately if anything unusual occurs! First division, eighty-ninth division, and the rest of the legions should be prepared for what is to come!” Mike commanded.

“Yes, sir!”

There was only one day left before the funeral.

Approximately eight thousand people had gathered at Mount Amethyst, and the numbers were still growing.

Meanwhile, at the meeting hall stood a group of people.

This group of people consisted of the thirteen leaders from Scott’s former troops and about ten of his disciples.

One of them was a guy wearing a gold-rimmed glasses called Garfield Perkins. Not only was he very highly regarded by Scott, but he was also the strongest among Scott’s disciples, the leader of Erudia’s third city, Edge City, and the leader of the underworld.

Moreover, he had been doing business for the past couple of years, increasing his net worth to tens of billions.

“Don’t worry teacher. I will make them pay with their life regardless of their backgrounds or their capabilities!” Garfield said angrily.

“It’s payback time!”

A thousand people shouted at the top of their lungs.

Upon seeing that, Scott nodded, pleased.

“Theo, relay my orders. Tell all twenty eight members of the senior management from Morris Group to attend the funeral at Mount Amethyst tomorrow. They are to act as pallbearers, carry out the burial, and kneel at the cemetery for three days and three nights to repent for their sins! Kill anyone who is absent!” Scott instructed.

News soon traveled to Morris Group.

Iris and the rest of the higher-ups were shocked, especially those who had heard the rumor that they were about to be invaded by ten thousand people.

All of a sudden, everyone in Morris Group flew into a panic.

They had gone through many life-threatening situations through years of doing business, but this was the first time someone had threatened them so arrogantly.


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