Return Of The God Of War Chapter 469

Chapter 469

“Focus on your work, guys. This has nothing to do with all of you,” Levi couldn’t help but said angrily.

“You’re right. Let’s all just focus on our work!”

Iris immediately felt reassured at the thought of the impressive individual who had rescued her that night.

The next day.

Mount Amethyst was decorated in black and white as rows of flower wreaths were placed by the wall.

The funeral of the century had attracted a lot of attention, where even the sky was gloomy and the atmosphere was tense.

Two men stood in front of the mourning hall.

One of them was Typhoon, looking cold and indifferent.

The other man was Scott, with his bent back and grayish-white hair that made him look older.

Nevertheless, his eyes shone bright.

He had been in retirement for thirty years now, he was like a ferocious lion who had fallen into a deep slumber.

However, today shall be the day that said ferocious lion awakens.

A lot of people will perish as a consequence of the lion’s awakening.

Inside Mount Amethyst’s vast space stood South City’s elites who came to pay their respect with thirteen thousand people gathered behind them.

Everyone was dressed in a black suit with a white flower pinned to their lapel, and a white headband.

It was a majestic sight.

No one else in the entire of Erudia could gather a crowd this big.

To gather thirteen thousand people in three days.

That was the power of Scott Yates.

Everyone in Erudia called him ‘sir’.

Angering him was equivalent to angering the heavens.

All the powerful families in South City were afraid of him.

A lot of people thought that Scott had lost his touch during his retirement period.

Some even thought he could be replaced by Sebastian Lopez.

But now, it looked like the joke’s on them.

For who could stand against the omnipotent Scott Yates now?

And who could replace him?

Scott straightened the white flower on his lapel and said, “Heh, I didn’t think I’d be meeting all of you in such an occasion. I’d like to thank everyone who came to send my three brothers and my godson off! Thank you!”

Scott bowed.

Seeing their leader bow down agitated all thirteen thousand people as anger rose in their hearts.

“Sir…Sir…” everyone shouted emotionally.

“I’m supposed to be retired, but some outsiders provoked Erudia repeatedly, took over our territory and our property, and even massacred our people. They’re robbing our lives!”

“Today, I, Scott Yates, hereby declare that I will strike down Morris Group with everything I have!” Scott exclaimed in a loud voice.

“Strike them down! Strike them down!”

“An eye for an eye! An eye for an eye!”

The battle cries of these people shook the heavens.

Surely this was enough to make everyone in Erudia tremble in fear!

He was too strong!

Anyone who stood in Scott Yates’ way shall be eliminated!

“Sir, we have ten more minutes before the funeral starts, all that’s left now is Morris Group.” Theo reminded.

Scott nodded.

“Teacher, what shall we do if the people from Morris Group is absent?” Garfield asked.

A gleam flashed through Scott’s eyes as he replied, “Then we will mow Morris Group to the ground and drag the whole of North Hampton down to hell!”

“Understood, teacher. I’d be willing to join the vanguard forces!” Garfield took the initiative to volunteer.

“Excellent!” Scott was pleased. He loved this side of Garfield.

“The people from Morris Group has arrived!”

At this moment, a loud voice sounded.

Everyone turned to look at the entrance and were dumbfounded with what they saw.


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