Return Of The God Of War Chapter 470

Chapter 470

What they saw were four men marching in carrying a coffin.

Clearly, they were trying to provoke Scott by attending the funeral with a coffin in tow.

Everyone felt fury pulsed through their veins!

All they wanted at that moment was to shred these four men into pieces.

Scott calmed everyone down with a wave of his hand.

They watched on in anger as the four men marched to the vast land in front.

The coffin landed heavily on the ground.

“Greetings, Mr. Yates, I’m here to relay a message from the Master of Morris Group!” the leader of the four men said.

“Who do you think you are?” Garfield said angrily.

Since when can some nobody speak to my Godfather directly?

“Never mind, let him speak!” Scott said.

“He hopes Mr. Yates can experience this moment every year from now on!”

Silence filled the air the moment those words left his lips as everyone held their breath.

This is unbelievable!

To say something like that at a funeral is the worst curse of all!

“Godfather, I will lead a troop of people to North Hampton right this instance and dye the streets in blood! I want to tear everyone from Morris Group into pieces!”

Garfield was furious.

Scott’s former troops and his disciples were also boiling with anger.

“Tear them into pieces!”

Everyone below could not contain their anger as well. Their actions mimicked a beast who had been freed from its cage.

“Hahaha…” Scott burst into laughter instead.

Even Typhoon smiled.

And it was the rarest of sight.

The reason behind Scott’s laughter was because it was the first time he had met such an impudent fool after ruling for so many years.

I have really seen it all now!

“The younger generation these days sure is cocky!” Scott chuckled.

“Mr. Yates, this coffin is for you! He said you’ll need it sooner or later!” one of the pallbearer spoke up.

Garfield and the rest of the guests were furious. Their fists were balled tight as their eyes filled with rage.

They couldn’t stand the incessant provocations from Morris Group anymore!

Their actions were enough to have anyone and everyone to have the urge to tear Morris Group into pieces!

“Damn it! Damn it all to hell!” Theo said through gritted teeth.

How could they be so cruel?

“Morris Group is pushing it too far! How dare they provoke us like that? They showed no respect to Sir at all!”

Garfield balled his fists tightly. He could no longer hold back his murderous intent.

Someone from the crowd couldn’t hold it in anymore. He rushed forward with his sword pointed at the four pallbearers.

“I’m going to kill all of you!”

He swung his sword at them.

However, a huge force knocked the sword out of his hand and broke it in half.

“Stand down! Let them leave!” Scott said coldly.

Typhoon was the one who had broken the sword in half with just a small stone.

It was a terrifying display of his capability.

In the end, the four pallbearers left.

Scott tried to suppress his anger as he said, “Let’s proceed with the funeral! Send my brother and my son off on their final journey!”

“Rest in peace!”

“Rest in peace”


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