Return Of The God Of War Chapter 471

Chapter 471

Everyone emptied the glass of wine they had on hand.

After that, everyone smashed the wine glass on the floor. It was a spectacular sight to see thousands of people doing it together.

“Sir, should we lower the casket now?” Theo asked.

“No, the leader of Morris Group must be the one to carry and lower the casket!”

“Let’s head to North Hampton right this instance. I’m going to turn North Hampton into a living hell!” Scott cried out.

“To war with North Hampton! To war with North Hampton! To war with North Hampton!” Over ten thousand men chanted fervidly. Every one of them filled with anger and itching to vent their fury.

Equipped with swords, they each also had a white flower pinned on their chests and a white band tied around their heads.

And they were all ready to march.

The Suarez family, the Lopez family, and all the other famous families knew that Scott was going all out this time.

However, it would not achieve anything other than Scott’s death.

Before it came to that, Scott may have flattened North Hampton and taken revenge on the Morris Group.

“Split into ten groups and head for North Hampton! Men, carry the coffins of my brothers and my sons! And don’t forget the one that he sent us. Let’s march!” Scott commanded.

Ten thousand men spread out into ten groups and marched zealously towards North Hampton.

Scott and Typhoon personally led a group. Together with Theo and Garfield, they formed the vanguard.

Five coffins followed them with another three thousand men behind.

They were all marching towards North Hampton.

The scene was a magnificent yet terrifying one. They were prepared to kill anyone who stood in their way.

It would be wise for anyone who ran into them to hide.

Even South City didn’t dare stand in their way despite being aware of their plans.

Simply because this was a group of fanatics, and there was no stopping them.

Whoever that tried would have to pay a heavy price.

Furthermore, they didn’t receive any communications from North Hampton. Hence, it would be unwise to take any action on their own.

The other nine groups went in vehicles, forming a large convoy towards North Hampton.

Their mission was simple. Before Scott arrived, they would need to take North Hampton.

Ideally, that would include defeating the Morris Group and presenting Scott with the head of their leader.

Everyone in Erudia was aware of Scott’s massive action.

All the powerful families in South City began to hide, afraid of being dragged into the fight.

There were thirteen thousand men, and the situation was extremely chaotic.

The other cities in Erudia trembled in fear, anxious that war would spread to their territories.

No one knew how it was going to turn out.

Everyone prayed for the safety of North Hampton as it would soon become hell on earth.

This group of madmen would unleash maximum bloodshed.

Whoever that was related to the Morris Group would not escape their clutches.

By now, North Hampton had heard the news.

Nueve, Trey, and the others were terrified.

Compared to what Scott had, they were defenseless.

Scott is being ruthless!

Is he really going all out?

When Jesse heard the news, he quickly checked with Percy to see if they needed to take any countermeasures.

Yet, Percy’s answer was simple. As long as that person was around, they should just do whatever was required.

Only then was Jesse’s mind put at ease.

Or else they wouldn’t even be able to have the meeting.

If the matter escalated, there was no way he could hide.

As Scott led his troops through the narrow roads, the three thousand men in the funeral garb scared everyone they passed by.

No one spoke the whole journey there.

Even when they traversed through the hills, the troop maintained its formation.

After all, they were Scott’s elite soldiers.

“Sir, we are an hour away from North Hampton,” Theo reported.

“Alright, press on!” Scott coldly commanded.

After marching some time, Typhoon noticed something immediately.

Stopping in his tracks, he scouted ahead.

There was an SUV parked not far from where they were.

A man was sitting inside.

“Scott, I have been waiting for you a long time!” the man declared with a smile.

It was Levi!


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