Stop It She’s Remarrying by Stellar Strands Chapter 599

Chapter 599

Fia began mo*ning in his arms, overwhelmed by his burning passion.

Conrad let go of the poor girl’s slightly swollen lips and whispered in her ear.

“Fia, it’s like you’ve put a spell on me.”

“…No, I did not.”

“You did.” He lightly bit her earlobe. “I’ve never lost control like this to anyone before.”

After their first love-making session on their wedding night, it was like she had unlocked a cursed seal from within his heart.

Back then, he did not have this kind of passionate urge for Esme. Yet, when it came to Fia, Conrad always wanted to pull her into his embrace.

He thought it was because she was his first woman. So, this resulted in him having some physical obsession over her.

However, he was wrong.

Perhaps he was already attracted to her from a long time ago.

This poor girl was always tailing behind him sheepishly. Her smile was stunningly exquisite. Yet, she did not smile as often as she should.

Sometimes, when she was playing with Esme when they were children, Fia was seen smiling and laughing. However, when he showed up, Fia’s smile froze, as though she had a fright, before fleeing away.

“Fia, I have something to ask you. Please answer me honestly.”

Fia asked anxiously, “What do you want to know?”

Conrad put his hands on her face and looked straight into her eyes. And then, he asked, “Did you hate me when we were kids?”

Fia was dumbfounded. Her eyes widened, not evading Conrad’s inquisitive eyes.

“Fia, is this really that hard to answer?”

There was a hint of sadness in his eyes. Fia pushed his hands away and looked at him curiously.

“You’ve always thought I hated you when we were kids?”



Conrad then described how she always seemed frightened to be around him when they were


Fia frowned as she felt intensely conflicted.

So, her sheepish attitude when they were younger seemed like she was afraid of him? In his eyes,

she hated him?

When she thought about how she secretly had feelings for him for all those years, it all felt like a sick joke.

This man had no idea at all.

Should she tell him? But it would make it too easy for him, after all the bullsh*t she went through.

Then, perhaps this also meant that they had developed feelings for each other after marriage in the eyes of others’?

“Yes, I did not like you. Because you looked so fierce and not friendly back then. There were many who were afraid of you.”

She decided not to tell him. If he wanted to think that, then so be it.

“Did I really treat you so unkindly back then?” Conrad felt really bad.

“Oh, of course, you did,” Fia replied irately. “You were bullied by those rich, spoiled brats back then. So, I went and got the adults to help. And what did I get in return? You viciously scolded me! And you called me a chicken for quite a long time too!

“And then, there was that other time you saw me getting bullied. You drove them away but you didn’t say anything kind at all!”

Oh, that one. Conrad remembered that one too.

“But Fia… you did look like a scaredy-cat back then.”

She was always crying. It made him feel very uneasy around her.

This also resulted in him being thrown into that hellish camp. After numerous inhuman training in the day, when he lied down and stared at the stars, he could not help but to worry for this little scaredy-cat.

“No, it was because you were too fierce back then!” Fia was agitated as this part of their past was relived again. This made her think about Esme.

Conrad too thought about Esme as they were talking about their childhood. Before he went to the hellish camp, he asked Esme to not let Fia wander outside, fearing that Fia would get bullied by those snobbish brats again.

Now that he thought about it, Conrad was finally sure that he already had her in his thoughts from a long time ago. It’s just that, back then to him, Fia was just this weakly, timid little sister. A sister that he needed to look after.

Then, Esme went overseas and Fia was sent to marry him in her stead.

Although they were still husband and wife today, things had changed greatly back then. And it was all due to him. He became confused and enthralled by some sudden changes in their life and turned into the devil that hurt her the most, instead of that big brother who wanted to protect her.

“Fia, I’m deeply sorry.”

Conrad hugged Fia tightly, thankful that he was given a second chance to do her right. He could still make it right.

It was time to let go of the past. He needed to treasure the present.


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