Stop It She’s Remarrying by Stellar Strands Chapter 600

Chapter 600

Fia felt Conrad’s embrace tighten so much that she almost could not breathe. She also worried that she would forget his suggestion earlier, so she tapped on his hand. “Let me go for now, alright? I’ll need to make improvements on my designs.”

Conrad took a glance at his watch and let her go. “You can do that after we have lunch.”

“No can do! Inspiration waits for no one. If I do it later, it’ll slip away!”

Conrad grabbed her wrist and sighed. “Or I’ll help you improve it after lunch. Will that do?”

Fia’s heart began to beat excitedly as she looked at Conrad’s loving and thoughtful eyes. She felt she could trust this man’s skill and ability on working on her work wholeheartedly now.

“But… you still have work to do.”

“A few sketches wouldn’t take too much of my time.” Conrad sat up and leaned forward, onto Fia’s back.

“Fia, you’re not thinking of shoving me away now, are you?”

Rosy blush began to redden Fia’s ears, then her face, and then her neck.

“Conrad… are you purposely teasing me?”

Why on earth was he so passionate today?

“No, your honor. I’m not teasing you.” Conrad sighed.

Fia pushed his hands away, “Then let go. I’ll need to pin them now before they slip away.”

“No, let’s have a meal first. I can’t allow you to go hungry.”

Fia, feeling this man had become so clingy all a sudden, sighed. “Fine. Then, tell Silas to order for

us from the canteen. We’ll have them here in the office.”

She decided to give in. She could still work on her designs while waiting for the food to be served.

“No, we’ll eat at the canteen.”

Conrad seemed determined this time. He pinched her waist and said, “If you don’t agree with this idea, then you should do something to satisfy and convince me.”


“Fia, I’ll be a little busier than usual after this. So, I want to treasure my time with you.”

Fia recalled that Maxwell Corporation had to penetrate Lumenpolis’ market. This bold move would surely kick up a storm in the business world.

“Alright, let’s eat at the canteen.” Fia hugged his arm and pinched his waist. “But you must not forget all those suggestions you gave me earlier. Or else, you best not disturb my creative process!”

“Don’t you worry.” Conrad hugged Fia and walked her to the company’s canteen.

As the employees were talking and chatting away loudly, some of them talking about Mrs. Maxwell recovering her eyesight, the elevator at the hallway outside opened and two good- looking figures stepped out from it-they were the fabled Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell.

Fia sensed that everyone’s eyes were locked onto her. It felt like there was nowhere for her to hide from such attention.

She grabbed Conrad’s arm tightly and whispered, “Perhaps we go to the canteen on the upper floor?”

The canteen on the lower floor that was for the low-rank employees was a bit too crowded.

“Relax.” Conrad tapped on her hand to comfort her as he walked into the canteen with his arms around her.

Some employees were too nervous to enjoy their meals now. They quickly stood up and greeted their boss and his wife.

The usually cold and stern Conrad Maxwell beamed, as though he was a warm and friendly boss, looking at his employees gently.

“Don’t you mind us, everyone. Enjoy your meal.”

He then walked Fia to the long queue before the canteen’s counter. The employees in the front began to evade them, giving them room to order first.

“It’s alright. Don’t give us special treatment.”

Conrad told them to step back into line calmly. Although they did exactly that, this did not help these employees to relax one bit as they stood in the line in front of their boss.

Usually, this canteen was lively and filled with chatter.

Now, however, with their boss and his wife here, it was as though a clowder of cats stole the employees’ tongues. Everyone lowered their heads and ate their meals quietly, only occasionally raising their heads to have a peek at their boss.

Who was it? Who was the one who spread the rumor that their boss and his wife got married under the pressure of their elders? They even said that these two did not have feelings for one another.

Just look at them! Did that look like a couple that had no feelings for each other?

Just look at their boss right now! Just because Mrs. Maxwell was with him, he had turned from that cold and stern overlord into this warm and benevolent king!

When Britney and Annie arrived at the canteen for lunch, they too were shocked by the atmosphere there.

“Just what on earth happened here?” Britney asked in a tone of surprise.


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