[The man decree] A man like none other chapter 3257

A man like none other chapter 3257-“Yes, Mr. Qin is a barbarian, and his physical body is not comparable to others.”

Ji Yue praised Qin Jingyu!

A few people were walking and chatting, and soon Qin Jingyu was suddenly stunned and looked around!

“Master Qin, what’s wrong?”

Ji Meizhen asked!

“Ji Yue, did anyone come in early to your Ji family’s ancestral land?”

Qin Jingyu asked!

“It’s impossible. The ancestral land is guarded. How could it be possible to come in early? Did Mr. Qin discover something?”

Ji Yue asked!

“I feel like someone has fought here, and there is still an aura of fighting in it.”

Qin Jingyu said with a slight frown.

“Fighting breath?” Ji Yue used his spiritual consciousness to feel it, then shook his head and said, “No more, I don’t feel the fighting breath.”

“The other party

also used physical power, not magic and spiritual power, so it was left behind You can’t detect the aura.”

“But for us barbarians, this aura cannot escape our eyes!”

Qin Jingyu said!

“Who will enter the ancestral land in advance? It is said that Taizu is guarding it. If the entrance to the ancestral land is not opened, no one can enter?”

Ji Yue thought, with a look of confusion on his face!

“Brother, is it possible that it’s Ji Meiyan? I didn’t see her in the team this time. Maybe she came in early.”

Ji Meizhen said!

“Probably not. Then Ji Meiyan has not opened the origin space. What is the use of her coming here to kill the origin fantasy beast?”

Ji Yue shook his head!

“That’s strange. Who is he?” Ji Meizhen was also full of doubts!

“No matter who it is, be careful and be careful not to be attacked by someone.”

Qin Jingyu reminded!

The Ji family is currently undercurrent, and everyone is at odds. Even if they conduct a sneak attack in this ancestral land, no one outside will know about it!


Suddenly there was a loud roar, and an original fantasy beast appeared!

When Qin Jingyu saw this, he was immediately excited. Before Ji Yue could say anything, Qin Jingyu rushed forward!

Qin Jingyu followed the original fantasy beast to fight, while Chen Ping followed Ji Meiyan to the depths of the mountain col.

The further you go deeper into the mountain col, the stronger the origin fantasy beast becomes.

However, killing powerful origin fantasy beasts can increase the chance of understanding the origin, so Chen Ping keeps going deeper!

“Chen Ping, if we continue to go deeper, we won’t know how powerful the origin fantasy beast is. I think we should not go deeper.” Ji Meiyan seemed a little nervous when she

saw Chen Ping walking deeper into the mountain col!

“Don’t worry, if I really encounter a powerful origin fantasy beast, I can use my skills and weapons, there will be no problem.”

Chen Ping smiled lightly!

But just as Chen Ping finished speaking, three original fantasy beasts appeared together!

The three original phantom beasts formed a surrounding posture and came towards Chen Ping and the others!

Seeing this scene, Chen Ping couldn’t help but frown!

Ji Meiyan’s expression also changed slightly, and she tugged on Chen Ping’s clothes!

“Why do these three original fantasy beasts look different?”

Ji Meiyan asked Chen Ping!

“It is indeed a bit different. The original fantasy beasts should not have intelligence, but these three origin fantasy beasts actually know how to approach in a surrounding manner. They seem to have intelligence.” Chen Ping said!

“What should we do?” Ji Meiyan asked nervously!

“You hide aside. Maybe if I destroy these three origin fantasy beasts, I can understand the origin of the metal system!”

Chen Ping asked Ji Meiyan to hide aside!

“Then be careful, these are three original fantasy beasts. If it doesn’t work, just use your skills and weapons.”

Ji Meiyan warned Chen Ping!

After saying that, Ji Meiyan hid aside and looked at Chen Ping quietly!

And the three original fantasy beasts did not care about Ji Meiyan, but walked towards Chen Ping step by step!


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