[The man decree] A man like none other chapter 3258

A man like none other chapter 3258-“Kill…”

Chen Ping roared and took the lead in charging towards the three original phantom beasts!

Seeing Chen Ping’s brave look, Ji Meiyan was happy and worried at the same time!

Ji Meiyan was happy from the bottom of her heart that she could become such a talented woman.

But she was worried that Chen Ping couldn’t deal with the three original fantasy beasts by relying solely on his physical strength and fists!

Ji Meiyan quietly put her hands on her waist. As long as Chen Ping felt defeated, she would immediately draw her sword and step forward to help!

Chen Ping exploded with his most primitive power and punched the three original fantasy beasts!

It took more than an hour for Chen Ping to smash three original fantasy beasts to death! 

And Chen Ping himself was lying on the ground panting, with cold sweat on his forehead!

“Chen Ping, are you okay…”

Ji Meiyan hurried over and helped Chen Ping up!

“It’s okay!” Chen Ping shook his head!

At this moment, Chen Ping suddenly felt a roar in his mind, as if some kind of power had broken through the restrictions, and his whole body felt much more transparent!

Seeing this, Chen Ping quickly entered the origin space with his consciousness. He looked up and found that the gold origin star had already lit up!

“Hahaha, the origin of the metal element has been realized…”

After saying that, Chen Ping’s body instantly formed a suction force. The origin aura that had just been killed by the origin fantasy beast was all flowing towards Chen Ping’s body. enter!

Chen Ping hurriedly sat cross-legged, pulling the metal origin into the origin space, and was then absorbed by the stars of the metal origin!

The stars of the origin of the metal system become brighter!

Ji Meiyan on the side was very happy when she saw this. She didn’t expect Chen Ping to realize the origin of the gold system so quickly. It had only been one night!

After Chen Ping absorbed the original breath that entered his body, he slowly stood up, feeling extremely excited inside!

With the origin of the metal system, the power of Chen Ping’s indestructible golden body will increase exponentially. It will be extremely difficult for anyone to hurt him by then!

Now Chen Ping has the origin of gold, the origin of thunder and lightning, the origin of illusion, and the origin of fire. If he can gather the origins of the five elements together, he may be able to unlock more powerful auras!

Chen Ping also has the Wind-Fixing Bead in his hand, and he may be able to use it to understand the origin of Tao Feng.

Chen Ping didn’t know that what he was thinking about now was something that no one else dared to think about. A Fusion Realm monk now had four origins, and he was still not satisfied. It was simply crazy!

“Now that you have understood the origin of the metal system, you can absorb the aura of the unowned origin in this area, and you don’t have to risk killing those origin fantasy beasts.”

Ji Meiyan said to Chen Ping!

“If you kill the original fantasy beast, will the original aura be stronger?”

Chen Ping asked!

“That’s of course. The original phantom beast is made up of the owner’s original aura that is too strong and condensed together. If you kill an original phantom beast, you will of course get more original aura.” Ji Meiyan nodded


“Okay, then let’s kill. This time we don’t have to use our bare hands.”

Chen Ping decided to kill the original fantasy beast to absorb the original breath!

Only in this way can we absorb the most original energy in the shortest time!

Seeing that Chen Ping was in high spirits, Ji Meiyan didn’t want to be disappointed, so she followed Chen Ping and continued towards the depths of the mountain col!

Soon, there were more and more origin fantasy beasts around, and all kinds of origin fantasy beasts were shuttled on the ground!

Chen Ping and Ji Meiyan were flying in the air and couldn’t help but be surprised when they looked at the original fantasy beast below!

Because the number of origin fantasy beasts below far exceeded Chen Ping’s expectation!

But with so many resources, Chen Ping doesn’t want to leave!

“Don’t go down, I’ll kill all these origin fantasy beasts. These are all resources!”

After saying that, Chen Ping rushed down instantly with the Dragon Slayer Sword in hand!


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