[The man decree] A man like none other chapter 3259

A man like none other chapter 3259-Chen Ping can use his skills this time and can also use the Dragon Slaying Sword, so he doesn’t have to shrink back!

Chen Ping swung the dragon-slaying sword in his hand, and the sword light rose up like a violent storm.

Wherever the sword light passed, those original fantasy beasts were instantly cut into pieces!

The original fantasy beast was killed, and a large amount of original aura rose into the sky, and Chen Ping greedily absorbed it!

There are all kinds of original auras in it, but apart from the origin perceived by Chen Ping, other original auras can only enter Chen Ping’s body like silk, and then slowly dissipate in the original space!

Without the absorption and storage of the original stars, even if other original breaths were absorbed by Chen Ping, they would not be able to stay in his body!

In mid-air, Ji Meiyan was shocked when she saw Chen Ping absorbing the original aura!

Others were absorbing one source after another, but Chen Ping turned out to be a mixed bag of fish and dragons, inhaling all the original breath into his body!

Fortunately, Chen Ping’s original space is the stars of the universe. It is infinite and no amount of original aura can fill it! 

the source space was not large, like Chen Ping’s method of absorbing the source, he would probably have exploded and died!

At this moment, Chen Ping was killing a lot of people in the mountain col. Little did he know that the original fantasy beasts he killed had all been condensed and transformed after many years. According to his killing method, it is estimated that the Ji family will open up the ancestral land later. It’s hard to see the original fantasy beast again!

Not far from the entrance of the mountain col, Qin Jingyu’s face was very ugly, “There are really too few original phantom beasts in your ancestral land. You have only encountered a few original phantom beasts along the way. When will this happen?” How can I understand the origin of the metal element?”

“Master Qin, it is said that there are many origin fantasy beasts in our ancestral land. There are dozens of people entering the ancestral land every time, but they can enter this mountain col to hunt the origin. There are not many people who are phantom beasts.”

“After all, not every child of the Ji family can open the original space and feel the original breath…”

Ji Yue followed Qin Jingyu in explaining!

“There are indeed a few original phantom beasts. Could it be that someone really came in first and hunted the original phantom beasts in the front, and we were just picking up the missing original phantom beasts in the back?” Ji Meizhen also felt a little strange. Indeed, this original phantom

beast There are very few animals!

“Come on, let’s move quickly. Maybe we can find the person coming in ahead!”

Qin Jingyu decided not to kill the original fantasy beast yet, but quickly walked into the depths of the mountain col to see if someone entered first!

Ji Yue and Ji Meizhen both nodded and agreed to Qin Jingyu’s proposal, so the three of them quickened their pace!

Just as the three of them were moving forward rapidly, the further they walked, the more terrified they became!

Because along the way, they rarely encounter the original fantasy beast, which is very strange!

You must know that along the way, the further you go deeper into the mountain col, the greater the strength and number of the original phantom beasts will be!

But now, the closer they go, the less they find the shadow of the original fantasy beast!

“It’s really weird, where have all these original fantasy beasts gone?”

Ji Yue frowned, and he couldn’t figure out where those original fantasy beasts had gone!

After traveling for nearly half an hour, Qin Jingyu suddenly stopped!

“Master Qin, why did you stop? Did you find anything?”

Ji Yue asked Qin Jingyu!

“Can’t you feel it? There are people fighting in front, and the fighting is quite fierce, and the aura fluctuates greatly.”

Qin Jingyu said!

When Ji Yue and Ji Meizhen heard this, they quickly used their consciousness and instantly detected the aura fluctuations in front of them. Such large aura fluctuations clearly meant that someone was fighting!

“Come on, let’s rush over and take a look. I must catch the guy who sneaked into the ancestral land!”

Ji Yue rushed forward impatiently!


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