The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1712

Chapter 1712

James tried convincing him.

“My Fourteen Heavenly Swords can definitely wipe out a martial artist at the Ninth Stair. However, Harland Walchelin was able to block my attack with ease. Even the combined strength of every single martial artist from Sol might not stand a chance against him.

“Unlike you, I don’t have a death wish.”

Actually, James could stand a chance against a ninth-rank martial artist. He had mastered the Invincible Body Siddhi which allowed him to drastically boost his defensive capabilities. Even against a ninth-rank martial artist, he could still stand a chance. Now, however, he simply did not want Sky to create trouble for the Blood Race.

Sky was enraged. James was speaking the truth. He did not possess the strength to wipe out the Blood Race

“Damn it!” Sky clenched his fists, and a vein popped out in his neck as he cried out, “Mark my words! One day, I’ll annihilate the Blood Race.”

“Alright now, cheer up. We should return for now and verify the authenticity of the dragon’s whereabouts that are marked on the map. If the location is accurate, we will go slay the dragon. Once we slay the dragon, we can obtain as much dragon’s blood as we want.”

Sky forcefully calmed himself down. That was the only available option they had.

Seeing that Sky had composed himself, James breathed a sigh of relief. He was worried that Sky would make a ruckus, thereby pulling him into the conflict.

He looked at Sky, wondering when exactly should he put an end to the ambitious and power-hungry Sky. “Thank you, James. I’m really sorry that I made you run an errand for nothing. Once we’re back, we will verify the authenticity of the map’s location. If the location is accurate, we will go slay the dragon.” Sky looked at James apologetically.

James, on the other hand, only said while smiling. “No worries. It cost me just a little True Energy.” “In that case, I will return to Sol for now. Stay here for as long as you like. Once you’re back in Sol, I’l come for you.”

After saying that, Sky turned to leave.

James was tempted to ambush Sky on his way back and get rid of him once and for all. However, after some thought, he decided against it. He still needed to slay the dragon to save Thea’s life. His strength alone would not be sufficient. If he got rid of Sky at such a critical moment, his chances of slaying the dragon would greatly diminish.

James took a deep breath.

After Sky left, James also said his goodbyes to the First Blood Emperor and left the Blood Race’s headquarters.

A day later at Capital International Airport…

James walked out of the airport and called for a taxi.

Soon, he arrived at Thea’s house. Since it was noon, no one was at home.

Thea, who was wearing pajamas, answered the door. Judging by her dazed expression, she was likely taking a nap when James rang the doorbell.

As soon as she saw James, she crossed her arms and said coldly, “You’re back.”

“Mhm.” James nodded with a smile, saying. Things went smoothly this time. I obtained the dragon’s blood and information on the dragon’s whereabouts. I came to visit you the moment my plane landed. I’m at ease seeing that you’re safe and sound.”

“What are you here for?” Thea asked coldly.

Her cold expression stunned James

However, he did not think much about her unusual attitude toward him. He assumed that she was merely conflicted inside after losing her memory. However, he did not know that Tiara and Maxine had visited her

Now, Thea knew that James had an intimate relationship with Quincy before. She silently cursed James for being a playboy.

James said, smiling, “I’m here to visit you.”

“There’s no need for that,” Thea said coldly.



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