The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1713

Chapter 1713

Thea slammed the door shut.


James was at a loss.

Since Thea did not welcome him there, he had no other choice but to leave. In any case, he was at ease upon seeing that she was safe and sound. So, he turned to leave and headed to the military region to look for the Blithe King.

In the Blithe King’s office in Cansington’s military region…

The Blithe King welcomed James warmly, serving him tea. It made James rather uncomfortable.

“James, will you be free anytime soon?”

James looked at the Blithe King and stroked his chin, saying, “I think so… Why are you asking?”

“Well, you promised me you’d teach my son last year…

The Blithe King looked at him in anticipation.

“I don’t have time for this.” James sighed and said, “How about this? I’ll give you Callan Maverick’s number. You can give him a call and see if he’s accepting any disciples.”

James shifted the responsibility to Callan. After all, he should not have much to do at the moment.

“That sounds great.” Upon hearing James mention the leader of the Gu Sect, the Blithe King laughed.

Then, James gave the Blithe King Callan’s number and handed the map given to him by the Blood Race over to the Blithe King, saying, “I’d like you to use satellite technology to find the location marked on the map.

“By the way, it should be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.”

“Sure, leave everything to me.” The Blithe King took the map.

After requesting the Blithe King’s assistance, James left. He returned to the Callahans’ residence once more and knocked on the door.

Thea was the one who answered the door.

“You again?” Thea furrowed her eyebrows and said coldly, “James, why do you keep bothering me when you already have someone else you like?”

“Huh?” James was confused. “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” Wearing an ice-cold expression, Thea said, “What’s your relationship with Tiara and Maxine? What’s going on between you and Quincy? Why are you even here when you have so many women by your side?”

At that moment, James was at a loss for words. He thought about it and explained, “Thea, why don’t we talk inside?”


Thea entered the house, while James followed close behind. She sat on the sofa and crossed her arms while glaring at James. She wanted to see what kind of excuse he would come up with.

James took a deep breath and said, “Let’s start with Quincy. Yes, I was in a relationship with her during

my high school years. However, the furthest we ever went was holding hands. We never even kissed. After you and I were divorced, Quincy followed me all the way to the Southern Plains. She even took care of me while I was injured. However, I rejected her advances time and again.”

Thea was unmoved.

James continued, “As for Tiara… This came about due to an accident. I was being framed by someone. Both Tiara and I were drugged. That was how we ended up having s*xual intercourse.”

Thea said, “You promised her that you’d marry her, didn’t you? Besides, Tiara told me that you two were together after we divorced. I only appeared out of nowhere and snatched you away after learning of your identity as the Dragon King.”

“I did promise her that, but we never had an official relationship.”

James was at a loss. Some things were rather difficult to explain.

“Let me ask you this, then. Did I or did I not look down on you and make your life a living hell in the past? Was it not my fault that we divorced? Was I not the one who shamelessly begged you to return to my side after learning of your identity?” Thea asked.

Maxine was the one who told her everything.

Thea had no memory of these events whatsoever. After learning of this, she believed herself to be a shameless woman-a woman who only coveted power and riches.

James was at a loss for words. He really had no idea what to say.


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