The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1720

Chapter 1720

“What do you mean, ‘so what”?”

Sky suddenly stood up and looked at James, uttering word by word, “I’m going to become the most powerful individual in the world, James! You don’t comprehend the meaning of these words because you’ve never climbed high enough!

“I want the world to obey my every command. You will never understand how it feels like to stand at the very top. You may be the Dragon King, one of the highest authority figures in Sol, but you still have to answer to your superiors. You can never do as you please.”

James smiled faintly. He could not care less about becoming the most powerful man in the world and only wished to spend the remainder of his life with the woman he loved. He was only here to slay the dragon because of misfortunes that occurred along the way.

“Whatever!” Sky sat down and said, “Why am I wasting my breath on you? You won’t understand how power and authority work anyway.”

After thinking for a brief moment, James said, “I think what matters for me is to live a happy and uneventful life. There’s no need to pursue such frivolous and superficial things.”

“Is that so?” Sky glanced at James and asked, “Let me ask you this, then. Do you think Thea Callahan would have fallen for you if you were an ordinary guy? Do you think that the people around you would have lent you a helping hand when you needed their assistance if you were an ordinary man? Impossible.

“Thea wouldn’t have fallen for you if you were an ordinary man. You should be able to understand what I’m saying, don’t you? How did Thea treat you when you married into the Callahans without revealing your true identity? How was her attitude after hearing that you were the Black Dragon? This is what power and authority beget.”

James listened intently to him. He did not refute his arguments. After all, Sky was speaking the truth.

However, he was disinterested in Sky’s arguments. He would rather become an ordinary man so that he would not have to be concerned about Sol’s national affairs and the safety of its citizens.

“Ha… Why am I wasting my breath on you?” Sky shook his head slightly and said no more.

James fell silent too.

The night passed silently.

Soon, it was daybreak. Since this was an island, the wind was stronger.

James, who was sitting in a lotus position, stood up and said, “Time is against us. We should depart now.”

“Mhm.” Sky stood up as well.

Then, the two left the jungle and headed toward the peak of the mountain before them.

James was in the lead. The moment he took a step forward, he appeared several meters away. In an instant, he was nowhere to be seen.

Sky followed close behind.

Soon, they arrived at the peak of the tallest mountain on the island. Before them was an abyss. However, as the abyss was enveloped in a thin mist, even James and Sky-both powerful martial artists-could not pierce through the fog.

James pointed at the abyss before them and said, “Based on the map, this should be Dragon Abyss. It should be around 300 kilometers in length and connected to the sea. If a dragon truly resides in this abyss, it should be located in the depths of the ocean. Since a millennium has passed, I wonder if it’s still around these parts.”

Sky looked at the abyss and said, “Well, we just have to go down there and have a look.”

Then, he leaped into the abyss below.

James followed suit.

They plummeted through the depths for some time as the abyss was deep

Then, they landed at the bottom-most part of the abyss. The place was dark and damp, so there were weeds growing around them. Besides that, there was also a stench in the air.

Slish slosh!

A sound could be heard as they trudged through the mud. Not only that, but the damp mud on the ground was exuding an unbearable stench.


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