The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1724

Chapter 1724

Sky grew increasingly agitated once he mentioned the dragon and immortality. His objective was to become the most powerful individual in the world. By attaining immortality, he would have an unlimited lifespan. Should that come to pass, it would only be a matter of time before he accomplished his objective.

“Enough.” James was worried that he would go on forever, so he hurriedly stopped Sky and said, “We can’t be sure if he’s someone who lived a millennium ago. We should find out about his identity for now.”

Sky asked, “We can’t even approach the cave, not to mention that he doesn’t even speak our language. How are we supposed to do that?”

“Calm down.” James waved a hand. Looking at the skeletal remains on the ground, he contemplated for a brief moment before saying, “If I’m guessing correctly, the person inside the cave should be the one responsible for the skeletal remains. He’s a human, after all. Once he feels hungry, he will get food to eat.”

Sky rolled his eyes and said, “Isn’t that obvious? Even an ancient martial artist needs to eat. Why don’t you tell me what we should do now?”

James was deep in thought. After some time, a smile crept up on his face. “I have a plan.”

Sky hurriedly asked, “What kind of plan? Don’t keep me waiting. Just tell me already.”

James said smilingly, “Why don’t you go hunting for now?”

Although Sky had no idea what plan James had up his sleeves, he nodded his head regardless. He turned to leave.

Meanwhile, James gathered some twigs and started a fire.

Once he was done, Sky was back with a skinned wild boar.

Tossing the wild boar onto the ground, he said, “I got you the stuff you need.”

“Mhm.” James nodded and said, “Now, make a roasting rack and roast the meat.”

Sky turned around and began preparing the roasting rack. Soon, he was done.

Then, they began roasting the wild boar.

The meat’s fragrance filled the air. Although Sky did not add any herbs or spices, he had to suppress the urge to gobble the entire thing up. At that moment, Sky finally knew what James was up to.

Just as he thought, the hairy humanoid creature walked out of the cave at that moment. Walking toward James and Sky, he looked at the roasted meat in anticipation. Then, he pointed at the meat and mumbled some incoherent words.

James and Sky looked at one another with confused expressions on their faces.

“What the hell?”

They froze.

They had no idea what the man was talking about.

James tore off the boar’s leg and handed it to the man.

When he saw this, the man danced jubilantly before gobbling the food up. However, as if still famished, he stared at the rest of the wild boar on the roasting rack while drooling uncontrollably.

James waved, and powerful energy gathered in his palm. The wild boar swirled in the air and flew toward the man, who immediately grabbed it firmly with his arm.

Seemingly unafraid of the heat, he began munching down the meat.

Soon, only the bones remained.

Sky whispered, “You did great.”

James smiled.

Then, he turned to look at the man and asked, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

The man mumbled incoherent words.

Neither James nor Sky could understand what he was saying.

Sky asked, “What language is he speaking?”


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