The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1725

Chapter 1725

James rolled his eyes and said, “How would I know?”

The man continued mumbling in incomprehensible language.

After brief contemplation, James pulled his phone out and recorded his words. Since his phone was capable of receiving satellite signals, he could send and receive messages in any part of the world. So, he sent the recorded message to the Blithe King who was in Cansington.

“Blithe King, get me a translator to decipher what he’s saying.”


After receiving James’ call, the Blithe King immediately made the necessary arrangements.

Approximately ten minutes later…

James received the Blithe King’s call.

“James, this is Old Ignobarian, a language from a millennium ago. I’ve already helped you decipher the meaning of the text you sent me. However, be mindful that this is only a rough translation.”

“Got it.”

James hung up the phone and read through the text sent to him by the Blithe King.

[Who are you? What are you doing here? Can’t you understand what I’m saying? Hey, I’m talking to you…]

Upon reading the text, James immediately called the Blithe King.

“Get me a translator on the phone. I want him to have a conversation with the man.”

“Alright, I need about three minutes.”

The Blithe King immediately made the necessary arrangements.

Soon, the translator was on the phone.

James held the phone in his hand and pointed it at the man, who was still speaking in Old Ignobarian.

At that moment, the translator began speaking in a language incomprehensible to James. The hairy humanoid creature stopped and listened intently. After some time, he began speaking once more.

James knew that the two had begun their conversation.

He immediately looked at Sky and ordered him, “Take your phone out and call the Blithe King now. I want him to send me a translation of the conversation.”

Sky shrugged and said, “You’re the Dragon King, so your phone is specifically designed to receive satellite signals. I don’t have any signal in the middle of the ocean.”

“Alright, then.” James sighed dejectedly. He simply held the phone for eight whole minutes.

After eight minutes, the Blithe King’s voice came from the phone.

“James, the conversation is over. I’ll translate the content into Solean now.”


James waited patiently.

Meanwhile, the hairy man returned to the cave once more.

After around ten minutes, James received the Blithe King’s message.

He pulled his phone out and hit the play button.

“Who are you people?”

“He’s the Dragon King, the guardian of Sol.”

“What’s the Dragon King? Why is he here? You shouldn’t be here. Leave now, or else your life will be in peril.”


“There’s no need for you to know.”

James listened to the conversation intently. However, most of it was irrelevant to him. Bored, he cried out, “Seriously, what kind of questions are these? What a waste of time!”

Sky looked at James and asked, “What should we do now?”

James thought about it and said, “We can now be sure of one thing. He’s definitely someone from 1300 years ago. He must be acquainted with the Blood Race’s Grand Patriarch. But why was he trapped on this island?”

“I’m asking you what we should do now,” Sky asked once more.

James said, “In my opinion, we should return for now and take a couple of translators with us. What do you think?”


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