The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1727

Chapter 1727

By the time James recollected himself, he had already been swept away by the waves.

He swiftly propelled himself out of the water.


Like a waterspout, he shot up into the air and appeared fifty meters in the air. However, the moment he left the water’s surface, he could sense the presence of a terrifying Palm Energy.

“Damn it! How is he so fast?”

James silently cursed.

He hurriedly catalyzed the Invincible Body Siddhi. The moment he catalyzed the Invincible Body Siddhi, an illusory Palm Energy came crashing toward him. The bronze halo enveloping the surface of his skin was instantly shattered. James was sent flying once more. As he crashed toward the sea, he vomited a mouthful of blood.

At that moment, Sky arrived.

When he saw James’ Invincible Body Siddhi being shattered and him being sent flying by the Palm Energy, Sky cursed, “What did he do to provoke that creature?”

Then, he simply fled. He did not dare remain on this island for a second longer. He swiftly headed toward the place where they landed ashore last night and hopped onto the raft. Then, he untied the rope and catalyzed True Energy to propel the raft forward.

After leaving the island, he stopped temporarily.

A fierce battle raged on.

Terrifying True Energy swept through the waves and created a tidal wave several meters in height.

Though James used all of his strength and performed the sword techniques to the best of his abilities, he could not harm the man at all. The man’s strength was simply overwhelming.

“Fourteen Heavenly Swords!”

James had no choice but to use the hidden card up his sleeves.

Thirteen waves of materialized Sword Energy burst forth from within the Primordial Dragon Blade. Then, they merged to form a sword a hundred meters long that was created out of Sword Energy. The terrifying power of the sword distorted even the surrounding space.

James slightly inclined the sword and slashed at the man.

The man simply bent his knees and raised his arms above his head. Then, terrifying True Energy gathered in his palm and formed a defensive barrier.


The sword made contact with the defensive barrier.

The waves around the man were instantly blown away, and a crater a thousand meters deep appeared around him. As the powerful ripples swept through the sea, a tidal wave a hundred meters in height was formed.

“F*ck!” James cursed when he saw this. “What the hell is he? How did he manage to block my Fourteen Heavenly Swords with ease?”

At that moment, James’ Fourteen Heavenly Swords were no more. The sword formed using True Energy shattered, and his True

Energy was completely depleted.

However, James did not yield.

Holding the Primordial Dragon Blade in his hand, he charged toward the defensive barrier. At the same time, he forcibly gathered what little remaining True Energy inside his body and imbued his sword with the energy. Powerful Sword Energy burst forth from within the Primordial Dragon Blade, and he struck the defensive barrier once more.

However, the man’s True Energy was overwhelming. Even though James swung the Primordial Dragon Blade with all his remaining strength, he did not even make a dent in the defensive barrier.

His body simply remained frozen in the air.

The man waved, and powerful energy crashed toward James. James was sent flying and collapsed heavily into the sea.

From afar…

Sky’s face paled as he watched this.

“Don’t blame me for this, James. I want to save you, but I’m not strong enough to do so. Good luck out there. I’ll be taking my leave.”

Sky immediately catalyzed True Energy and propelled the raft away from the island.

Once James crashed into the sea, he slipped in and out of consciousness. After some time, he regained consciousness. Fearful, he allowed his body to plummet further into the depths. However, the further he sank, the weaker he grew.

At that moment, he realized he had to leave the water as soon as possible. Otherwise, his life would be in danger. Now that his True Energy was depleted, he was no different from any other ordinary person. If he continued sinking into the depths, he would drown to death.


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