The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1728

Chapter 1728

Though James wanted to leave the sea, he did not dare expose himself. The man’s strength was simply overwhelming. Even though he had reached the peak of the Ninth Stair, a stage where his True Energy could no longer increase, and catalyzed the Invincible Body Siddhi, he was defeated almost as soon as the battle began. The man was simply too terrifying.

He was in a bind.

After some time, unable to hold his breath any longer due to a lack of True Energy, he had no choice but to leave the water.

His head slowly emerged from the sea as he scanned his surroundings. Seeing that the man had left, he breathed a sigh of relief and swam ashore.

He only landed ashore after swimming for an hour.

James climbed onto a rock and casually tossed the Primordial Dragon Blade aside. Then, he sprawled across the rock and rested. After resting for approximately half an hour, he climbed down from the rock after regaining some of his strength.

He muttered silently under his breath, “Curse you, Sky! To think you’d abandon me when I was stuck in a dire situation! ” James had seen Sky fleeing from the corner of his eye. However, as he was preoccupied back then, he could not do anything about it.

Now, he had to make another raft to leave this place. He sat in a lotus position on the ground and catalyzed his cultivation methods in an effort to regain his depleted True Energy.

At the same time, Sky was already back on the island where their helicopter landed.

“Where’s the Dragon King?”

The moment Sky appeared, the pilot hurriedly asked.

Sky said, “He’s dead. We should leave this place now.”

“What?” Stunned, the pilot asked, “How can this be? With his strength…”

“Oh, shut up already. Why can’t you trust me? Hurry up and leave this place already, or else you might get both of us killed,” Sky said in annoyance.

The pilot fell silent. After being urged by Sky to leave, he had no choice but to ignite the engine and leave.

A day later, Sky returned to Cansington.

Immediately, Thomas came looking for him. Thomas knew that James had left overseas. As such, he had been observing the sea intently.

“Where’s James?” Thomas stopped Sky and asked, “You two went together. Why are you the only one who has returned?”

In truth, Sky did not wish to entertain Thomas. To him, he was simply a nobody. However, he was feeling guilty for leaving James behind, so he took a deep breath before saying, “We met an insanely powerful man at Dragon Abyss. While I was searching for clues of the dragon’s whereabouts, James, for some unknown reason, managed to provoke the man. By the time I arrived, the two were already in the midst of a battle.”

He paused momentarily before sighing, “James did not stand a chance against the man. His prospects of surviving are bleak. I saw that something wasn’t quite right, so I immediately fled.”

“What?” Thomas exclaimed and questioned him, “Repeat what you said.”

Sky uttered word by word, “James is dead.”

Although he did not see James die with his own eyes, he witnessed the scene of the battle. The man’s strength was overwhelming.

There was no way James could have survived that.

Upon hearing this, Thomas staggered backward. “Impossible! James is powerful, and the Primordial Dragon Blade is unparalleled. How could he have died?” Thomas said in disbelief.

“Hmph! What do you know?” Sky grunted and said, “There will always be someone greater than you out there. Some things are simply beyond our wildest imagination. Based on our speculation, the man inside Dragon Abyss could be someone from 1300 years ago. Can you imagine how powerful he would be after living for a millennium?”

Then, Sky turned to leave.

Meanwhile, Thomas was lost in thought.

At that same time…

In the Jade Sect at Mount Jade…

The Omniscient Deity was sitting on a rock while nibbling on a strand of grass.

At that moment, a pigeon came flying toward him.

He extended his arm, and the pigeon landed in his palm.


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