The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1729

Chapter 1729

The Omniscient Deity retrieved the tiny piece of paper tied to the pigeon’s feet and began reading.

Then, he stood up and exclaimed, “What? James is dead?”

He was taken aback.

James was a martial artist who had reached the peak of the Ninth Stair. He was the one closest to crossing into the ninth rank in a millennium. Now, he was dead.

“Gloom!” he cried out.


A figure swiftly entered the room and knelt before Omniscient Deity. The man who was dressed in a black robe spoke in a hoarse voice, “Your orders, Master?”

“I just received news that James is dead. Find Sky immediately. I want to know about the specifics.”

“Understood.” The man nodded and hurriedly left.

Sky was the one who spread the news of James’ demise. In just a short amount of time, news had spread all across the ancient martial world of Sol and even beyond. Some foreign forces had also learned of the news.

“Hahaha! James is dead!”

“The Dragon King in Sol is dead.”

“This is the perfect opportunity to create disturbances. On my command, launch an armed assault along the Solean border.”

Upon hearing of James’ death, all foreign nations erupted into cheers.

At the same time, in Cansington…

At the Callahans…

Thea was sitting on a swing in the villa’s courtyard in boredom.

As she swung up and down, her white dress and black hair flowed in the air.

Then, the sound of hurried footsteps could be heard.

David hurriedly ran over to Thea and said anxiously, “Thea, something terrible has happened!”

Thea stopped swinging the swing and glanced at him before saying, “What’s wrong? Calm down.”

David said, “Everyone’s saying that James is dead.”

“What?” Thea stood up and exclaimed, “Did you say that James is dead?”


“What’s going on?”

“How would I know?”

“Alright, I understand.” Thea waved her hand slightly and took her seat.

She was puzzled. James told her that it would be a short and safe trip and that he would only be investigating the dragon’s whereabouts. How did he die just like that? Thea could not figure this out.

Then, she pulled her phone out and called a number.

It was Callan’s number, which James gave to her before his departure. Back then, James told her to call this number if she was in trouble whenever he was not around in Cansington.

Soon, the call went through.

Thea asked anxiously, “I-Is this Mr. Callan Maverick I’m speaking to?”

Callan’s voice came from the phone, “Yes, Thea, it’s me.”

“Mr. Maverick, I hear that James is dead. Is that true?”

“I’m currently investigating the matter myself. Don’t wander around outside. I’ll be there soon.”


Just as Thea wanted to ask more, Callan hung up the phone.

She took a deep breath and silently prayed, ‘Please be safe and sound. You promised me you would save me using the dragon’s blood.’


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