The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1730

Chapter 1730

Thea waited patiently at home after giving Callan a call.

She waited for an hour, during which every second felt like a year. She did not know how she managed to endure the excruciating wait.

An hour later…

As Thea was sitting on the swing, a figure suddenly leaped from outside the villa and appeared before her. Taken by surprise, she jumped in fright and stared at the unannounced arrival of the guest.

It was Callan.

He looked at Thea, who was startled, and said, “How do you do, Thea? I’m Callan Maverick.”

As soon as she heard this, Thea breathed a sigh of relief and asked anxiously, “Hello, Mr. Maverick. Well, I expected you to be older than you look… In any case, how’s James at the moment?”

Callan’s expression turned grim. He had just learned of James’ demise as well. He even went searching for Sky to learn about the specifics. Sky narrated to him the chain of events that unfolded on the island-from the discovery of Dragon Abyss to provoking the man who had lived for a millennium.

“Thea, James…”

“What happened to him? Tell me, quick! ”

Thea was filled with consternation.

Although she no longer remembered James, everyone has been telling her that he was her husband. So, subconsciously, she had begun treating him as one.

Callan took a deep breath and said, “H-He might be dead.”


Thea staggered backward.

Callan hurriedly said, “However, no one saw his body. The authenticity of this news still remains to be seen.”

“I-I understand.”

Thea turned and entered the house.

Callan simply watched her retreating figure as she entered the house. He planned to head overseas and investigate the matter thoroughly.

After returning to her room, Thea sat on the bed.

At that moment, she was holding the blood given to her by the Omniscient Deity. Though she did not know what kind of blood this was, Lord Omniscient told her that it would allow her to regain both her strength and her memory. At that moment, she had to suppress the urge to consume the blood.

She had no idea whether James was still alive. Since she was unsure, she wanted to investigate the matter herself. However, she was only an ordinary person.

After thinking for a moment, she swallowed the blood whole.

Meanwhile, overseas…

James was sitting in a lotus position on a rock by the shore doing everything he could to restore his strength. Though a day had passed and his True Energy had recovered somewhat, it was completely depleted after he performed the Fourteen Heavenly Swords. Returning to peak form would require a few more days.

Pensive, he stared into the distance and murmured, “Has Sky returned to Sol by himself, or is he still waiting for my return?”

James was unsure.

He headed deep into the jungle in the distance and used the Primordial Dragon Blade to chop down trees to gather materials for the construction of a raft.

After the raft’s construction, he hopped on the boat and left.

A few hours later, he arrived at the island where their helicopter landed. However, the helicopter was no longer there.

“F*ck!” James cursed. “Curse you, Sky! How am I supposed to return now?”

James waved the Primordial Dragon Blade and waves of materialized Sword Energy burst forward and destroyed the surroundings.

After some time of letting off steam, James stopped.


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