The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1731

Chapter 1731

After returning to the island’s coast once more, James sat on a sizable rock and watched as the enormous waves below crashed against the island.

He was thinking about the strange man from the Dragon Abyss.

When he first encountered the strange man, he found him to be of sound mind and receptive to conversation. However, on James’ second visit to the cave, the strange man was sane at first as well, but then suddenly seemed to have lost his mind.

“Perhaps… He was tainted with dragon’s blood a thousand years ago, and dragon’s blood, like Spirit Turtle’s blood, can cause energy deviation?” James mused.

However, he thought it seemed a bit unlikely. Dragon’s blood also gave rise to the Blood Race, but its members did not suffer from energy deviation.

If it was not caused by energy deviation, why did the man on the island suddenly attack him? Did he offend this person in some way?

James thought about it for a long time but could not come up with an answer.

“Well, I won’t be able to leave for the time being. What should I do?” James let out a sigh of resignation.

He pulled out his phone. Since he had previously fallen into the ocean, his phone was submerged in the water as well and would not turn on right now. James had no way to contact the Blithe King to come to his rescue. In a fit of rage, he hurled his phone at a rock It shattered into pieces in an instant.

“Sky, you scumbag. I’ll deal with you when I get back”

He could have returned to Cansington if Sky had waited for him for a day. However, Sky left.

He had no idea, however, that after Sky returned, he had also made an announcement that James had died.

News of his death had reached every corner of the world at this point.

Subsequently, Thea drank the blood given to her by the Omniscient Deity.

Thea did not know what kind of blood it was. The only thing she knew was that it could help her regain her strength and memory.

She was aware that if she drank it, she might die. Nevertheless, she did not bother to give it much thought after learning of James’ death.

When she drank it, the blood’s energy began to spread throughout her body. The energy stimulated her own blood, causing it to seethe like boiling water.

Two types of energy thrashed around within her body. This stimulated her injured brain and her nervous system. In her mind, some fragments began to emerge.

It began with the memory of when she dashed into the burning Caden house to save James. Then there was her disfigurement, and how she was mocked for it.

Finally, James marrying into the Callahan family.

Next came her decision to go through Energy Extraction.

Thea started to remember. She could remember everything now.

At this moment, she catalyzed a cultivation method.

The energy within her blood was absorbed by her once again. She started to regain her power gradually.

However, at that moment, within her body was not only the energy from the Spirit Turtle’s blood, but there was another energy as well. This energy was not inferior to the Spirit Turtle’s blood. It was even more imposing than it.

Thea was also absorbing the energy from the blood gifted to her by the Omniscient Deity.


In her body, two bursts of energy collided with one another. Thea felt excruciating pain all over her body. It was so painful that she could not help but cry out in agony.

Her cries of pain drew the attention of the Callahan family.

However, the Callahans did not dare to go upstairs and investigate the situation, as there was currently a frightening aura coming from the third floor. It was difficult for them to even stand up while under the aura’s influence. They could only stay where they were and hoped this force would leave them soon.

This went on for about half a day.

Half a day later…

Thea was lying on the bed. She was covered in blood.

Her hair was unkempt, and she looked like a mess.

“I’m still alive.”

She got up from her bed.

At this moment, her long, dark hair was changing yet again.

It was a grayish-white last time. This time, it turned completely white.

When she stood up, she noticed the white hair draping over her shoulders. She held it up and looked at it, slightly stunned.

She was only slightly stunned.

It was fortunate for her to still be alive.

As to how her hair had changed, she could not care less about it.


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