The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1733

Chapter 1733

Thea exclaimed in surprise and asked, “Really?” “I shouldn’t be too far off.”

Thomas said, “I looked up the ancient scrolls. According to one of them, the Jade Sect first appeared around a thousand and eight hundred years ago. The Sect Leader at the time was also referred to as the Omniscient Deity. This doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me.”

The expression on Thomas’ face was solemn. He had suspicions ever since he learned about the Four Holy Beasts from the Omniscient Deity.

Now, the Omniscient Deity had presented a type of blood that was not any weaker than the Spirit Turtle’s, so he assumed it was qilin blood. He assumed that a thousand and eight hundred years ago, the Omniscient Deity had slain a qilin and obtained its blood. As a result, he became immortal.

“Thea, hold on to the dragon’s blood. Currently, you have the Spirit Turtle’s blood and the qilin’s blood in your body. In addition to the dragon’s blood, you now have the blood of three Holy

Beasts. I’m not sure if the qilin’s blood and the dragon’s blood will help you survive, but they can at least increase your strength.”

With confusion on her face, Thea asked, “Why did the Omniscient Deity give me the qilin’s blood?”

“That I’m not sure. Regardless, I’m certain that he’s up to no good. Be cautious if you come into contact with him again in the future.”

“Thanks for your reminder, Sir Caden. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Oh, right.” Thomas seemed to be reminded of something and said, “A week later, there’ll be a martial artist gathering in Sol at Mount Ludis. You should attend when the time comes.”

“A gathering?” Thea asked.

“Yes. It’s organized by Sky. Sky and James had set sail together. No one knows what happened to them overseas. Aside from that, Sky mentioned that there’s information about the dragon and immortal.”

“I’ll go.” The expression on Thea’s face was solemn. James’ death was definitely connected to Sky.

Thea even suspected Sky of murdering James. If it was not him, who else in the world could possibly kill James given his strength?

“Well, I won’t stay any longer. I’m off.”

Thomas did not linger and turned to leave.

A distance away from the Callahans’ villa, Tapio watched from the shadows as Thomas came and went.

Touching his chin, Tapio muttered softly, “So the Omniscient Deity was the one who killed the Qilin. I need to return to the Southern Plains and notify the master.”

While lurking in the shadows, Tapio had heard the conversation between Thomas and Thea. Soon after, he turned around and left.

Half a day later…

In the Southern Plains, at the underground palace…

Tapio knelt on the ground and relayed everything.

“Alright, I get it.” After giving a quick wave, Tyrus rushed off toward the depths of the underground palace. He met with his father once again.

“Father, there’s information that the Omniscient Deity from the Jade Sect on Mount Jade slaughtered the qilin a thousand and eight hundred years ago. He obtained the qilin’s blood, and he’s also an immortal.”

Sitting on a straw mat and listening to Tyrus was a man with white hair in his thirties. He gave a small smile and said, “There’s no need to be alarmed. I knew that a long time ago.”

“You knew?” Tyrus was stunned.

The man said softly, “I was aware of this person’s existence a thousand years ago. That’s why I faked my death and avoided his attention. I’ve stayed here all these years because I don’t want him to know where I am.”

“I see.” Tyrus finally connected the dots.

He now realized that his father had remained hidden here for all these years, never venturing outside, because he was afraid of the Omniscient Deity. How powerful was the Omniscient Deity if even his father was terrified of him?

“By the way, how much is left of the phoenix’s blood?”

“There’s not much left of the phoenix blood we brought from King Quavon’s Mausoleum. It’s only enough to make one more person immortal.”

“Take it and give it to Thea.”

“Father, this…”

“Thea already has the blood of the dragon, qilin, and Spirit Turtle. I’m curious to see how much she can grow after having the mixture of blood from the Four Holy Beasts.”

“Alright.” Tyrus nodded, then turned around and left in a hurry.


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