The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1734

Chapter 1734

Meanwhile, overseas…

James returned to the island where the Dragon Abyss was located once again.

He had the impression that the strange, hairy man was not a bad person. This person, according to his analysis, was possibly like Thea when she was first tainted with the Spirit Turtle’s blood and suffered from energy deviation.

However, Thea had Ataraxia to suppress it, while this strange man did not. He wanted to go take another look.

James also wanted to learn more about the dragon, and it was clear that this person was aware of its existence.

If he wanted to save Thea, he might have to rely on this person.

Two days had passed, and half of his True Energy had returned.

When he returned to the island where the Dragon Abyss was located, he did not rush to find the strange, hairy man. This person is susceptible to energy deviation at any time. He needed to regain all of his strength so that he could escape when necessary.

He began to focus on regaining his strength.

His True Energy quickly recovered.

Meanwhile, at Cansington…

After regaining her memory and her strength, Thea stayed in her room and did not go outside. She was examining her own body.

Thea found that the qilin blood, which was provided by the Omniscient Deity, and her own blood were very compatible. They had already combined. Her blood had now regained its vitality.

Although not it was not fully restored, its regenerative ability had been partially recovered. Thus, she would have a long life ahead of her.

After a day of deliberation, she eventually decided to take the dragon’s blood that Thomas had delivered.

However, she did not dare to take it at home. She was worried that her aura would leak out and affect the Callahan family.

Thea left and drove herself to the outskirts of Cansington. After entering a forest, she sat cross-legged on a rock, took out the dragon’s blood, and drank it.

As soon as she drank the dragon’s blood, she felt a burning sensation radiating from her throat. It spread from her throat to the rest of her body. The dragon’s blood was gradually fusing with the blood in her body.

In normal circumstances, different blood types could not be mixed together. Nevertheless, after Thea took the dragon’s blood, it merged with the blood tainted by the qilin’s blood. Her blood went through another mutation.

The energy in her blood started to shift and become odd as well.

At this moment, she could sense that the blood inside of her body contained an unfathomable power. If this power was fully unleashed, it could wipe out the entire world.

“Thea.” 1

A voice could be heard while Thea was concentrating on observing the state of her body.

Thea abruptly stood up and stared straight ahead. A few dozen meters ahead of her appeared a middle-aged man who looked to be in his forties. He had long, black hair and was dressed in a white robe. He exuded the aura of a wise old gentleman.

“You are?” Thea looked confused. She had regained her memory. This man, however, did not exist in it.

Tyrus walked over and arrived in front of Thea. He could tell Thea was wary of him, and he could feel a terrifying aura emanating from her.

“Don’t worry. I came to see you because I have something to give you,” Tyrus spoke in a soft voice.

He visited Thea because he was told to give her the phoenix’s blood.

Over two thousand years ago, King Quavon sent his men out to sea to find the Elixir of Life. Finnegan and the others found the phoenix and fought it. Even though they did not manage to kill the phoenix, they did obtain a large amount of its blood.

Then, for reasons unknown, King Quavon died. The phoenix’s blood was buried alongside him.

A thousand years ago, after the Prince of Orchid Mountain failed to kill the Spirit Turtle, he learned about King Quavon’s Mausoleum. Following that, he found the mausoleum and took the phoenix’s blood from there, thereby becoming immortal.

“What is it?”

Thea fixed a wary gaze on Tyrus. Tyrus took out a bottle.

It was a bottle made of quartz, as big as a mineral water bottle, and filled with blood. He tossed it to her.

Thea caught it, gave it a quick glance while holding it, and asked, “ What’s this?”

Tyrus stated plainly, “It’s phoenix blood.”


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