The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1736

Chapter 1736

Meanwhile, overseas…

On the island where the Dragon Abyss was located.

After a few days, James was able to fully recover the True Energy he had used while wielding the Fourteen Heavenly Swords.

He was saddened by the fact that it took him a few days to recover this time. If he had some kind of elixir that could help him regain his True Energy, he would not need to wait as long.

He made the decision that once he returned to Sol, he would study the Medical Book and create some elixir that would aid in the recovery of True Energy. That way, when he used up his True Energy in the future, he could recover quickly.

After regaining his True Energy, he carefully approached the Dragon Abyss while holding onto the Primordial Dragon Blade.

He soon appeared at the Dragon Abyss. However, he did not enter the cave hastily this time.

Like before, he went hunting for some meat. He then built a fire and began roasting it.

As the scent of meat started to fill the air, the strange hairy man was soon drawn in. This time, the color of his eyes was normal.

He walked over, saw that James was roasting the meat, and started to mumble some incomprehensible words.

James did not understand what he was saying, but he knew what he meant. He pointed to a nearby rock.

The strange man understood James’ gesture. He walked over and sat down on the rock.

James tore off a piece of roasted meat and handed it to him. The strange hairy man accepted it and immediately started to gobble it up.

James observed him. His current appearance was completely different from when he had gone mad.

“You… Do you really not understand what I’m saying?” James asked.

The strange man stopped and began to gabble away. James gave up.

He tore off a leg from the boar and ate it himself, leaving the rest to the strange hairy man.

After finishing the meal, James asked, “C-Can you take me to the cave and show me around?”

The strange man immediately stood up and began rambling while gesturing animatedly. As he was rambling, he pointed to the distance.

He then walked straight ahead. After he took a few steps, he turned around to look at James and waved at him.

“Is he taking me somewhere?” James muttered softly.

He then followed behind. Led by the strange hairy man, James made his way toward the depths of the Dragon Abyss. It grew wider the deeper they went.

Eventually, they arrived at the entrance of a massive cavern. Immediately after pointing inside, the strange man turned around and started to walk. James followed.

It was very bright inside the cavern. Above them, there was an opening. The light was pouring down from it.

The strange man began to blabber while pointing at a stone wall. James moved closer to the stone wall and took a look. He discovered that on the stone wall were writings from a thousand years ago. Besides, he understood this written language.

He began to look at them intently. As he read through them, he was utterly shocked.

“A martial arts heirloom?”

James was stunned. He ignored the strange man gabbling away beside him and continued to read intently.

After reading for a while, he took a deep breath.

The martial arts documented on the stone wall were from a thousand and three hundred years ago. It was quite comprehensive.

There were cultivation method chants, sword techniques, various movements, punches, kicks, and profound healing cultivation methods. Even a few odd techniques for striking the acupoints were included.

These martial arts were superior to those recorded in the Nine Scriptures of Ordeals. However, it was slightly weaker than the First Sword Art that he had seen in King Quavon’s Mausoleum.


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