The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1737

Chapter 1737

“Oh, right.”

James was suddenly reminded of something. The strange man brought him here, so he must be familiar with this writing from a thousand years ago. He could read these words too.

Why not use this kind of writing to communicate with him?

He pulled out the Primordial Dragon Blade immediately. As soon as he took it out, the strange, hairy man immediately backed away, his body tense with hostility. His long, straight hair was standing on end, and his dark pupils turned crimson.

When James saw this, he was quite shocked. He just wanted to write on the ground with the sword. He did not expect to be misunderstood or that he would trigger the strange man.

Since he had been through this before, James did not dare to stay put this time. Instead, he sprinted off and vanished in the cave in an instant. He escaped quickly, running straight to the coast.

When he realized the strange man was not chasing after him, he finally exhaled a sigh of relief. This time, he stayed there for half a day before going back.

He returned to the cavern where the unsurpassed martial arts were documented once more.

The strange, hairy man was sitting in a lotus position on the ground. At this moment, he looked solemn and dignified. In contrast to when he was experiencing energy deviation, he seemed like a completely different person.

James walked over and greeted him with a smile, “Sir, you scared the hell out of me just now.”

The strange, hairy man cast a glance at James and said nothing. James casually picked up a branch and walked over. On the ground nearby, he wrote in the writing of a thousand years ago.

The writing read, “Who are you, sir? Why are you here?”

The strange man took a glance at James, a puzzled expression on his face. He seemed to be wondering how James was able to write in this language.

He reached out, his finger pointing to the ground. A burst of energy formed from his fingertips. This burst of energy left some words on the ground.

His writing was crooked and slanted. It took a while for James to recognize the words.

“And who are you? What are you doing here?”

When James recognized these words, his face lit up with joy. He continued to write, “I’m James, a martial artist from Sol. I’m here to check out the dragon. Have you been alive since over a thousand years ago?”

The strange, hairy man continued to write plenty of words.

“I don’t remember how many years. I only remember living here for a very long time. My memories of the past are hazy. I only know that I came here with many others to slay the dragon. In the end, we failed. We all died in battle.

“I was badly hurt and unconscious. When I woke up, everyone had disappeared.”

When he read this, James was certain that this man had survived since a thousand and three hundred years ago.


He took a deep breath. Previously, he did not believe that men could be immortal. Now there was an immortal standing right in front of him.

James was convinced.

“Why did you attack me?” James wrote again.

The strange man was slightly stunned, then he continued to write a paragraph on the ground.

“I don’t know. I might have been triggered by something. When I’m set off, I lose my mind and experience energy deviation. After the energy deviation, I don’t know what I end up doing.”

After James read this paragraph, he looked at the strange, hairy man once again. James thought that he was not a bad person. He simply did not remember what he did following the energy deviation.

“Sir, I have a cultivation method that could help you.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes.” James wrote. Following that, he wrote the Ataraxia cultivation method on the ground. He even included instructions on how to cultivate it.

The strange man read it intently. Once he memorized the Ataraxia, he sat on the ground with his legs crossed and started to cultivate. After learning more about the strange man’s identity, James was curious as to who had left these martial arts.

He wrote again, “Sir, are you the one who left these martial arts on the stone wall?”

The strange man stopped his cultivation and wrote, “I’m not capable of that. I found this place after I woke up. I’m not sure who left it either. I only understand about ten to twenty percent of the martial arts that had been written down.”

“Alright, I understand. I’ll take a look first.”

After writing these few words on the ground, James stood up and walked over to the stone wall. He fixed his gaze on the stone wall and began to examine it closely, studying the martial arts written on it.


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