The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1738

Chapter 1738

James was looking intently at the martial arts written on the stone wall.

The martial arts were divided into two parts. The first half was the cultivation method and the general outline.

This martial art was named the Lunar and Terra Art.

“The Lunar and Terra Art’s essence is heaven and earth.”

“Thus, the Lunar and Terra Art is also known as the Heaven and Earth Art.”

“When cultivating the Lunar and Terra Art, one could cultivate two types of energy, Lunar Energy and Terra Energy, also known as the two energies of heaven and earth. They are two complementary streams of True Energy that work well together.”

James concentrated on the martial arts documented on the stone wall.

However, it was far too profound. He could only understand the brief introductions at the beginning, but not anything after that.

It was not that he could not read it. Rather, his martial arts skills were not quite there yet. He had not yet met the requirements for cultivating the Lunar and Terra Art.

According to James’ speculation, if he wanted to cultivate Terra Energy and Lunar Energy, he would need to advance to the ninth rank. It required an extremely high level of martial arts skills.

After he finished reading the first half, James began reading the second half. There were many martial arts techniques recorded in the second half.

“Heaven and Earth Sword Art.”

“Lunar and Terra Hybrid Fist.”

“Mirthful Motion.”

“Counterpoise Kick.”

“Cosmic Destruction.”

The martial arts were diverse. The most terrifying one was Cosmic Destruction. Regardless, it was too abstruse. James could not understand it either.

“Sir, what did you manage to learn?” James wrote on the ground.

The strange man, who was studying Ataraxia, stopped and wrote some words on the ground.

“I’ve only been able to cultivate Lunar Energy so far, and I have yet to cultivate Terra Energy. As for the other martial arts, I learned a little bit of everything. During my years on this island, I spent most of the time sleeping and was too lazy to cultivate.”

“Then did you reach the ninth rank?”

“When I came here to slay the dragon, I’d already reached the peak of the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair. After three hundred years on this island, I ascended to the ninth rank.”


James was shocked. He wrote on the ground, “It took you three hundred years to get from the peak of the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair to the ninth rank?”

“It’s just a rough estimate.” The strange, hairy man wrote, “At first, I did keep track of the time. However, as time passed, I stopped bothering to keep track of it. I won’t die anyway. I can just live one day at a time.”

“Don’t you have any plans to leave?”

“I thought about it, and I’ve tried several times. But he ocean is too vast. Going back was too difficult, so I just stayed here.”

On this island, James discovered the Lunar and Terra Art. He also took the chance to learn from his senior on this island. Through their exchanges, he learned this person’s name. His name was Wilbur Barnet.

James was seeking guidance from Wilbur on the Lunar and Terra Art.

Meanwhile, in Sol…

Thea had drunk the phoenix blood gifted to her by the Prince of Orchid Mountain.

After she took the phoenix’s blood, her blood completely regained its regenerative ability. There was also a terrifying power within her blood. No matter how much of this power was absorbed, she could not absorb it completely.

She was absorbing it at a quick pace. Her power was growing rapidly as well.

Slowly, the white hair on her head began to turn black, and her skin became fairer and clearer, like porcelain.


Thea was cultivating.

A voice could be heard.

Thea paused and noticed Thomas, who had appeared in her line of sight. She could not help but stand up and call out, “Sir Caden.”


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