The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1740

Chapter 1740

“I agree.”

“I second that.”

“Sky, Sky, Sky.”

After the first person stood forward, the others followed. All of them called for Sky to be the leader of the entire martial arts community.

Sky raised both of his hands, then pressed them downward slightly. The ruckus instantly quieted down.

When it was quiet, Sky said, “Everyone, please hear me out. I can’t be the leader of the entire martial arts community. Many senior martial artists of prestige and virtue are in attendance. There’s Master Maha from the Sylvan Sect, Spirit Master from the Heaven and Earth Sect, as well as the Ancient Four, martial artists from the Five Swirling Blades Sect, and also martial artists from other countries. Therefore, I can’t be the Great Grandmaster.”

Sky started to refuse the suggestions.

However, he was secretly delighted. He was merely making a show of refusing.

He was the strongest person there. Certainly, he was entitled to the position of Great Grandmaster.

The First Blood Emperor was also present. However, before he arrived, the martial artists in his family repeatedly reminded him to keep a low profile and not flaunt himself in Sol. So, he did not want to fight for the position of Great Grandmaster.

Since Sky wanted it, he should have it.

The First Blood Emperor stepped forward and said with a smile, “ Sky, you’re too polite. I believe the position of the Great Grandmaster should be yours as well. Tell me, is there anyone here who is more powerful than you? Who can lead everyone to slay the dragon? Who is respected and trusted by all? It’s just you.”

Sky was wearing a calm expression. His heart, however, was bursting with joy.

He still refused and said, “That’s unacceptable. I did nothing to merit this. Alright, let’s use martial arts to decide who deserves it. Whoever can defeat everyone else will be the Great Grandmaster, how about that?”

Sky made his intentions known. From his perspective, he was the strongest there. No matter what happened, the position of the Great Grandmaster would be his.

“How shameless.” In the distance, among the crowd where Mount Thunder Sect disciples were, Delainey secretly berated Sky.

Looking at Jackson beside her, she said, “Father, Sky is too shameless. His cultivation base is already at the peak of the

Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair, and James is dead. Who could be his opponent now? He clearly wants to be the leader of the entire martial community but is acting like he doesn’t.”

Jackson gave a small wave of his hand and said, “Let him be.”


Only then did Delainey stop complaining.

At the area where the Cadens were…

The Grand Patriarch of the Caden family, Bennett had also appeared at Mount Ludis with the Cadens. Even Maxine was present.

Following the news of James’ death, Maxine lost her motivation to manage the family. Now all she wanted to know was whether James was alive or dead. Sky was the only one who knew whether James was alive or dead.

She walked out one step at a time. Then, she arrived at the center.

Sky watched as Maxine, incredibly gorgeous and wearing a white dress, walked toward him. For a moment, he was stunned by her beauty.

It took him a few seconds to regain his composure. Looking at Maxine, who had arrived in front of him, he asked with a smile, “ Aren’t you Maxine, the head of the Caden family? Well, do you want to be the Great Grandmaster?”

Maxine shook her head and said, “I’m not capable enough. I don’t have the heart for it either. I just want to ask you a question.”

Many martial artists had gathered at this place. At that moment, all of their gazes were fixed on Maxine. They were all curious as to what she intended to ask Sky.

Sky looked at Maxine and asked, “What do you want to ask?”

Maxine said, “Not long ago, you went out to sea with James, but only you came back. I want to know what happened on the island. Right now, in front of martial artists from around the world, tell me what happened on the island.”


After hearing that, Sky’s face was filled with regret and sympathy. He gave an accurate account of everything that had occurred on the island.

“I went to look for the dragon, but James was careless. He angered a martial artist who had been alive since over a thousand and three hundred years ago and was killed. I saw him being attacked and thrown into the ocean with my own eyes.”


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