The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1741

Chapter 1741

“I’m sorry.“Sky bowed down to the crowd.

Due to my lack of strength, I was unable to save James. As a result, Sol has lost a powerhouse and its protector.”

His apology was sincere

Maxine could not find any holes in his explanation.

15–Is he really dead?”

Her mouth hung open in disbelief.

“Yeah. I’m afraid that’s the truth.”

Then, he turned around and looked at the people surrounding him. In a loud voice, he declared, “My fellow martial artists, there is a powerful martial artist that has lived for several thousand years on that island! Dragons also do in fact exist in this world! Let’s join forces, to defeat that martial artist and destroy the island with the help of modern technology to avenge James! We’ll all acquire dragor blood and gain immortality! Together, we shall build a prosperous dynasty and restore peace on earth!

“We’re martial artists after all!

“We’re stronger than ordinary people, so it’s our duty to protect them!”

Sky used to stand alongside the King.

So, he knew how to win over people’s hearts.

His speech immediately gained many supporters.

Seven to eight foreigners gathered in the distance.

Among them were both Caucasians and Blacks.

The captain was a black man with a masculine appearance who stood at a height of two meters. He looked at Sky who was instigating the crowd and smirked, “We’ve been holding back all these years. It’s finally time to take action. The ancient martial artists will pave the way for my success.”

“Sir, should we take action now?” asked a Caucasian man behind him.

The tall black man replied, “Not yet. We’ll bide our time for a little longer before we defeat Sky and become the leaders of the entire martial arts community.”

After he spoke, he snorted mockingly.

“Hmph! So what if he ascended the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair? Our country’s psychics are much more powerful than these martial artists. I’m already a nine–S psychic. It’ll be a piece of cake to kill a martial artist of that rank.”

The black man was confident in his ability to defeat Sky, Sol’s martial artists, and all the world’s powerhouses.

Mount Ludis, central area.

After a long speech, Sky continued. “Let’s adhere to our ancient martial world’s rules. We’ll determine the Great Grandmaster of the martial community through a competition. The winner will be crowned as the Great Grandmaster, and the whole martial community will obey his or her command. Those who disagree will be slaughtered without mercy.”

“I support the suggestion!”

“Me too!”

“Fellow martial artists from and beyond Sol, our martial community has stood in disharmony for a long time. It’s time to rectify it!”

Sky gained a whole bunch of people’s approval.

Thomas was also among the crowd.

Several masked people also stood behind him.

They stood in place like wooden sculptures, neither speaking nor moving.

Thomas did not step up to say anything. To him, the position of Great Grandmaster was insignificant. His main objective was the dragon’s blood.

He was set on obtaining the dragon’s blood.

He had spent decades waiting for this day.

His wish was finally about to come true.

After slaying the dragon, it would finally be his time to shine.

Therefore, it was meaningless and unnecessary for him to involve himself in the fight to become the Great Grandmaster of the martial community.

In the distance, the tall, black man ordered, “Go, Linna.”


Behind the tall, black man, a caucasian woman around her 20s with blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes stood up. Her body flickered and immediately appeared in the mountain’s central area.

Seeing that someone had taken on the challenge to fight for the position, Sky’s expression darkened, and he thought, ‘You must have a death wish.‘


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