The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1742

Chapter 1742

Linna was the Meranian Psychics’s deputy captain.

Despite her young age, she was relatively strong.

At the age of 27, she was already a 95 Psychic.

She appeared in Mount Ludis‘ central area. She looked at Sky’s gloomy face with a smirk and said, ” Whoever’s the strongest gets to be the Great Grandmaster, right?”

Sky’s expression lightened up.

He smiled and replied, “Yeah. That’s the rule. Who might you be? You should introduce yourself.”

Linna replied, “I’m the Meranian Psychics‘ deputy captain, Linna.”

When he heard his opponent was a psychic, Sky’s expression became solemn.

Merania was the most powerful country in the world currently, and its military might was stronger than Sol’s. They were Sol’s largest threat.

Most of the past battles within Sol’s borders were mainly stirred up by this country from behind the scenes.

As an ex–confidant to the King, it was natural he knew about the psychics.

The Meranian Psychics used to only be active abroad and had never stepped into Sol before. As such, it was unexpected for them to show up in Sol today.

“You’re a Psychic from Merania? Please forgive my manners,” said Sky.

In the past, Sol’s ancient martial artists were wary of psychics.

During international conflicts, Sol’s ancient martial artist would avoid psychics. However, things are different now. Sky had stepped into the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair. He was a terrifyingly strong existence and was not afraid of the psychics.

However, it was not a good time for him to step up to the challenge.

‘I hope you can defeat everyone so I have an excuse to fight you. Don’t disappoint me,‘ Sky thought to himself.

Then, he turned to the surrounding ancient martial artists from all over the world, saying, “My fellow martial artists, this person is a psychic from Merania. She’s here to obtain the title of the Great Grandmaster! Is there anyone willing to take on her challenge?”

“I’ll do it.”

After Sky’s voice fell, a person stepped out from the crowd.

It was a middle–aged man who looked to be in his 40s. He wore a black suit and did not look like a martial artist. Instead, he had the appearance of a successful businessman.

It was none other than Donovan.

Donovan inherited Winston’s True Energy and had become an eighth–ranked grandmaster.

He had been tormented since his one–sided defeat at the hands of Tobias. After Tobias died, he never found the chance to prove his strength or bring glory to the Blithes.

His opportunity had finally come.

He knew his chances of becoming the Great Grandmaster were slim.

However, he simply wanted to prove to the world that the Blithes were not to be underestimated.

After accepting the challenge, Donovan appeared in the center.

He looked at his younger opponent and smiled. He taunted her, “Aren’t you a little too young to be here, kid? Aren’t there any other strong psychics from Merania? How is it that they sent you to compete for the title of Great Grandmaster? If I attack and defeat you, I’ll feel ashamed of myself if word gets out that I bullied a child.”

“Haha.” Linna chuckled.

Donovan laughed and continued to mock her, “I think you should get someone else to compete. I’m afraid if I accidentally exert too much force, I’ll seriously injure you. A tender and soft woman like you is better off warming beds instead.”


The crowd burst into laughter.

Linna’s eyes sharpened instantly.

She glared at Donovan and said, “Enough nonsense. Go ahead, make your move.”

Donovan knew the woman before him was definitely a strong person. Otherwise, she would never step out to compete for the position. He simply wanted to provoke her enough to throw off her concentration.

He put away the smile on his face and abruptly thrust his palm forward.

An illusory palm appeared and charged at Linna with tremendous might.

He used the Blithe Fist of Abomination right at the start of the match.

The martial artists quickly retreated from the area.

Standing in the center, Linna leaped ten meters into the air.

She dodged Donovan’s palm attack, which smashed into the ground, causing the whole mountain to tremble. Seeing this, the ancient martial artists began to evacuate Mount Ludis. They knew the mountain was sure to crumble in the event the battle gets unintentionally heated.

After Donovan’s attack missed its mark, he quickly followed it up with another palm attack.

He leaped into mid–air instantly.

Linna’s body was immediately surrounded by illusory palm attacks.


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