The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1743

Chapter 1743

Suddenly, a white halo surfaced from Linna’s body.

The white halo pushed back the illusory palm attacks.


When the palm attacks hit the white halo, it caused a loud rumbling noise.

Surrounded by the white halo, Linna looked like a sacred goddess.

She raised her hand, and a column of flame burst forth from thin air, gushing toward Donovan with intense heat.

Donovan was slow to react, and the flames Immediately surrounded him.

He stepped back in fear, quickly mobilizing his True Energy to extinguish the fire around him.

However, the flames were unnatural and his True Energy did not seem to have any effect on them.

Donovan was defenseless against them.


Many of the martial artists watching the fight were shocked by the scene.

“Is this a psychic’s strength?”

Delainey was also attentively watching from a distance.

Her pretty face was tense with shock as she said, “Dad, she’s a psychic that can control flames. She’s using her own Spiritual Power to communicate with the elements of heaven and earth to conjure flames. Her flames are unusual and can’t be dispersed with True Energy. Donovan is outmatched in this battle.”

Mount Thunder Sect’s leader, Jackson, naturally knew a little about psychics.

However, he did not know anything past the surface level.

“How can we counter this, Delainey?”

Delainey replied, “It’s pretty simple to counter. You just need a psychic that can control water or a martial artist with true Frost Energy. Our sect’s Ice Sword Art can also easily counter her flames.”

Jackson nodded and said, “Mhm. Let’s see how the fight goes for now.”

Meanwhile, Donovan was still surrounded by flames on the battlefield.

He used all his True Energy to resist but to no avail.

“I surrender.”

When he realized his predicament, he quickly admitted defeat.

After he spoke, Linna drew back her flames.

Donovan’s hair and clothes were slightly singed by the fire, leaving him looking humiliated after the battle.

He looked at Linna and cursed at her in his heart before leaving dejectedly.

Linna floated more than 30 meters in the air and glanced at the martial artists who had retreated from Mount Ludis. Then, she asked, “Are there any more challengers?”

Although she did not speak loudly, everyone could hear her.

Everyone had just witnessed a psychic’s terrifying strength.

At that moment, everyone exchanged glances, and no one dared to accept the challenge.

“Dad, you should go.”

Delainey nudged Jackson and said, “Ice Sword Art is the natural counter to psychics that utilize fire. Even though she was able to defeat an eighth–ranked grandmaster like Donovan, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for you to beat her despite only being a seventh–ranked grandmaster.”

“Alright. I’ll give it a try. We’re still part of Sol, how can we let these psychics best us?”

“Jackson from Mount Thunder Sect. I’d like to challenge you.”

A voice boomed.

Following the sound, Jackson flew out and appeared on the battlefield instantly. He slowly unsheathed the sword in his hand.

However, the sword was already broken.


The psychics in the distance laughed.

“I’m going to die of laughter.”

“Is he really challenging our deputy captain, Linna, with a broken sword?”

“Deputy captain kick him to the curb! Show Sol’s ancient martial artists that we, psychics, are superior!”


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