The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1744

Chapter 1744

Jackson was met with ridicule as soon as he pulled out the Frost Sword that was shattered in half by the Malevolent Sword.

However, he ignored the remarks.

Although it was snapped in half, the Frost Sword still held its original power.

He gripped the broken sword’s hilt and looked at Linna, saying, “Come at me.”


Linna snorted and said coldly, “If you’re that keen to rush to death, who am I to deny you?”

She waved her hands, and flames surrounded Jackson’s body.

Jackson swung the broken sword in his hand.

The moment he swept his arm across the air, ice appeared on the blade and quickly swept toward the flames, extinguishing them instantly.

“What the-?”

When they saw what happened, the psychics were left dumbfounded.

Even Linna took a few steps backward in alarm.

Jackson’s body flickered and appeared before Linna the next moment, plunging his broken sword at her vitals.

Suddenly, a white halo appeared from the surface of her body again and acted like a protective shield against the strike.

Jackson’s broken sword pierced the protective shield but could not break it despite putting all his strength behind it.

Linna calmed down, looked at Jackson, and smirked. She taunted him, “This is child’s play.”

Jackson quickly stepped back.

The white halo protecting her was abnormal. It was even capable of defending against the Blithe Fist of Abomination. Jackson knew his strength alone was not enough to break through it.

“I’m no match for you.”

Jackson was sensible and threw in the towel.

His Frost Sword could put out Linna’s flames but was not strong enough to cut through the protective halo.

Thus, he chose to admit defeat.


“Our deputy captain, Linna, is amazing!”

“Sol’s ancient martial artists are rubbish.”

The psychics in the distance cheered for their victory.

On the other hand, their leader smiled faintly.

It was the outcome he had expected.

Linna stood within the battlefield and scanned her surroundings, asking again, “Is there anyone else?”

“I’ll take you on.”

Heaven and Earth Sect’s Spirit Master accepted the challenge.

He had fought against James before while he was abroad. Although he lost to James, it was only because James was unstoppable, and had unfathomable strength.

The Spirit Master appeared on the battlefield.

He quickly drew his sword and appeared in front of Linna.

His sword plunged toward the white halo shielding her body.


The white protective halo was instantly shattered.

Linna was immediately blasted by the fearsome Sword Energy and turned pale in fright.

She quickly fled for her life.

“Damn it!”

The black man in the distance cursed loudly.

He quickly appeared on the battlefield, waved his hand, and a bolt of electricity shot out from his fingertip toward the Spirit Master.

The Spirit Master showed no fear at the sudden appearance of another opponent.

He swung his sword at the incoming attack.

However, he was instantly electrocuted as soon as the lightning struck his sword.

The Spirit Master’s hair stood on its end, and his body plummeted from the sky, crashing into the ground. He did not get back up even after a long time had passed.

Seeing this scene, Sol’s ancient martial artists were stunned.

“Is this the strength of psychics?”

“This is…”

“Controlling electricity?”

Everyone was shocked.

“That’s our mighty captain!”

“Yeah! The strength of our captain’s lightning is unparalleled.”

“For the past few years, our captain has stayed on the sidelines, but now he’s finally stepped into the fray. There can’t possibly be anyone strong enough to take him on.”

The psychics cheered again.

The black man’s body slowly descended from the sky and appeared in the central area of Mount Ludis. He scanned his surroundings and shouted, “I’m the captain of the Meranian Psychics. You can call me by my name, Thunder King, or Thunder God.”


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