The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1745

Chapter 1745

His voice rang out clearly.

Sol’s ancient martial artists all exchanged wary glances.

Even the Spirit Master was defeated in one fell swoop.

Was there anyone in Sol who could stand against this opponent?

Thomas simply watched the events unfold and had no intentions of interfering.

At that moment, all eyes were on Sky.

“Sky, please take him on!”

“Sky, the position as Great Grandmaster of the martial world belongs to you. We’re begging you to step in and defeat the Thunder King!”

Numerous martial artists pleaded with Sky to do something about the situation.


Sky stepped forward and said, “Since no one is taking on the challenge, I’ll be the one who defeats this psychic from Merania.

His declaration echoed throughout the mountain.

Then, he slowly advanced until he appeared 100 meters away from the Thunder King.

A sly smile crept on the Thunder King’s chiseled face.

He knew exactly who Sky was.

Psychics have kept a relatively low profile in recent times, but have collected information about powerful people around the globe, particularly about Sol’s ancient martial artists.

After learning about the dragon’s blood, the Thunder King was spurred into action.

Sky looked at the Thunder King and said calmly, “Face me.”

The Thunder King raised his hand, and a white thunderbolt arced around his palm.

The thunderbolt glowed a bright white and danced around his palm as if it were a small, white snake.

He smirked and sneered at Sky, “I know you’ve reached the peak of the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair, but you’re still no match for me.”

After some time had passed, the Spirit Master got up from the ruins in the distance.

His whole body felt numb.

He would have been electrocuted to death if not for his strong True Energy.

“Damn it,” he spat lividly.

Sky looked at the pathetic figure of the Spirit Master and took a deep breath.

He was aware of the Spirit Master’s strength. His cultivation base was quite significant and he had at least reached the Sixth Stair. The Spirit Master was not that much weaker than him.

Yet, the Spirit Master was defeated in one move.

Sky was worried he would also be defeated if he took on this challenge.

If he lost this battle, he could never regain his honor.

Even if he were to kill the Thunder King in the future, his prestige would surely drop.

His thoughts led to an epiphany that gave Sky a sudden change of heart.

Slaying the dragon was the biggest priority at the moment.

It did not matter who led the battle against it.

Since the Thunder King wanted to be the one to lead them, Sky realized there was no drawback to allowing that to happen.

He could hide his strength for now and then make off with the spoils after the dragon had been slain.

After the idea came to him, Sky suddenly laughed and said, “Thunder King… no, wait. Thunder God, right? As I’ve already said, I’m not interested in becoming the martial world’s Great Grandmaster. Since you’ve defeated one of Sol’s strongest, you can have the position. Of course, that is if no one else challenges you.”

Sky changed his mind and no longer wanted to fight the Thunder King.

He cast his gaze around him and asked loudly, “Is there anyone else that would like to challenge the Thunder King? If not, he’ll officially become the martial world’s Great Grandmaster!”

‘Coward.‘ Thomas cursed in his heart.

He thought Sky would fight the Thunder King for the position of Great Grandmaster.

He did not expect Sky to back away from the duel.

Thomas naturally guessed that Sky wanted to hide and preserve his strength.

However, it did not matter.

After the dragon was slaughtered, they would find out who was stronger.

“What’s wrong? Is there no one else?”

Thunder King looked around and shouted, “If no one else takes on the challenge, then I’ll become the Great Grandmaster of the martial world.”

Everyone exchanged glances.

“Who said there isn’t anyone else?”

An airy voice came from a distance.

As the words were spoken, a woman flew toward them from afar and appeared on Mount Ludis in the blink of an eye.

The woman seemed to be in her 20s. She wore a black dress and had long black hair. In her hands was a long black sword with a bent tip.

“Celestial Sect’s leader?”

“How can Thea show up here?”

“Didn’t she lose her memories? I thought she already converted her cultivation base.”

The people present were dumbfounded by the appearance of the woman.

Seeing Thea appear, Thomas sighed in relief and murmured, “Finally, she’s here.”


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