The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1746

Chapter 1746

Thea appeared during a critical moment.

In her hands was the Malevolent Sword.

Her appearance caused an uproar.

It was no secret that Thea had lost her memories and strength after she converted her cultivation base. To find her, James offered the Novenary Golden Pills to anyone that could provide information on her whereabouts.

After a year, she suddenly reappeared in Cansington.

However, she had lost her memories and cultivation base.

After appearing suddenly, she descended from the sky.

The energy radiating from her stunned everyone present.

The crowd was also in awe of her beauty.

Sky frowned upon seeing Thea show up and thought to himself, ‘Why did she come here to interfere?’

Sky looked at Thea.

Thea’s eyes were also fixated on him.

Thea ignored the Thunder King and glared at Sky furiously.


She pointed the Malevolent Sword at Sky.

After being taken aback for a second, Sky smiled and said, “What’re you doing, Thea?”

Thea asked coldly, “James headed out to sea with you. Why did you return without him? What happened to James?”

Sky looked remorseful.

“I’ve already explained it many times. On the island, there was a powerful man that had lived for one thousand and three hundred years. He was a ninth–rank martial artist and was overwhelmingly strong. Even James wasn’t a match for him. While I was looking for the dragon’s whereabouts, James somehow aggravated this mysterious person.”

Sky paused briefly and continued. “I heard a fight breaking out, so I rushed there. When I reached, I saw James in a fierce battle with this strange person and clearly outmatched by the stranger. James was being crushed and had no chance of fighting back.

“I wanted to save him but was too powerless.

“I was fortunate to have fled fast enough. Otherwise, I, too would have died on that island.

“I’ve gathered martial artists from all over the world for two purposes. One would be to slay the dragon on the island. Secondly, to avenge James.”

Thea listened to Sky’s narration of the events.

However, she was unconvinced.

“You’ve no proof to back your words up.”

“I know you don’t believe me.”

Sky knew from the start no one would believe him.

Fortunately, he took out his phone after fleeing and recorded the fierce battle between James and the strange person.

Sky pulled out his phone, played the video, and handed it to Thea, saying, “Have a look for yourself.”

Thea took the phone and stared at the screen.

The footage showed a scene of James being thrown into the sea. After he fell into the sea, the strange, hairy man left. However, James did not surface after a long time.

Seeing this, Thea looked solemn.

Judging from the video, James‘ chances of surviving were very slim.

“See, I wasn’t lying to you.”

Sky parted his lips and said, “Thea, I really couldn’t do anything. That person was too strong. If James wasn’t a match, I would’ve died too if I had taken him on. I had no choice but to escape. I hope you don’t fault me for it. In such circumstances, anyone would’ve prioritized their own safety first.”

Thea remained expressionless.

However, scarily strong energy suddenly burst from her body.

Right then, the blood in her body was churning like boiling water.

As her blood roiled, her strength also increased.

Her real rank was at the Skyward Stairway’s Seventh Stair, but now, her strength had increased substantially as her blood continuously gurgled in her body.

Her heart was full of rage and sorrow.

All kinds of negative emotions emerged in her heart.

Her blood raged even more violently, and the energy let off by her blood became more fearsome.

In just a short moment, her strength had reached its peak.

An extremely potent energy field surrounded her body’s surface.

The sizeably tall Mount Ludis began to show signs of collapsing from the sheer force.



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