The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1747

Chapter 1747

Mount Ludis could no longer bear the pressure from Thea’s energy and collapsed into large boulders.


The whole mountain began to crumble to the ground.

Plumes of dust billowed into the sky.

Fortunately, the spectating martial artists had already evacuated Mount Ludis. Otherwise, they would have been injured by Thea’s potent energy.

“What’s with her energy?”

Sky’s blood ran cold after sensing Thea’s energy, and he quickly backed away.

Her energy was overpowering.

It was similar to James‘ energy when he was at his strongest, perhaps even stronger.

The Thunder King wore a solemn expression.

He had heard about Thea before and looked into her a little.

Thus, he knew Thea was a martial artist but had lost her strength for unknown reasons. He never expected her to be this strong.

Sky fled far away and said, “Thea, I really had no hand in it. James and I were like brothers. I am also deeply saddened by his death. It’s why I’m trying to gather the strongest martial artists in this world to avenge him. Do you see that black man in front of you? He’s trying to become the Great Grandmaster of the whole martial community. I think you’re the best fit for the position. Defeat him, and you’ll be our Great Grandmaster.”

Sky’s voice resounded from a distance.

Thea still had control over her senses.

At that moment, she used Ataraxia and forcibly stifled the anger in her heart.

The anger in her heart slowly dissipated.

As she calmed down, her energy also began to diminish.

She looked at the Thunder King and pointed her sword at him. Glaring at him, she said coldly, “This is Sol’s territory. Sol’s ancient martial artists have the final say in our nation’s happenings. Who are psychics to meddle in our affairs?”

The Thunder King stared at Thea and composed himself from his earlier shock. Then, a tiny smile formed on his face.

So what if she was a martial artist on the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair?

He was confident he could easily do away with her.

Besides, Thea had yet to enter the ninth rank.

He stood on Mount Ludis‘ ruins with one hand behind his back and looked at Thea, who was radiating fierce energy. He beckoned with his other hand and said, “Don’t whine about getting bullied later, Ms.

Thea. Go ahead, make your move!”

The Thunder King was confident.

He controlled electricity.

He was a psychic that used lightning as his power.

Lightning is an incredible power, in and of itself.

It was a very force of nature.

Human strength could not compare to its might.

No matter how strong martial artists were, they would be akin to ants in the face of the forces of nature.

Thea looked at the Thunder King, and the Malevolent Sword glowed brighter, with streaks of black light bursting out from it. Thea’s body flickered and appeared 50 meters into the air. Then, she swung the

Malevolent Sword.

A 100–meter–long black Sword Light rushed out from her weapon.

It charged at the Thunder King with destructive and phenomenal strength.

The Thunder King was taken aback by the Sword Light.

He quickly dodged, moving like a bolt of lightning.


The black Sword Light crashed into the remains of Mount Ludis. Debris rose from the pile of fallen rocks instantly, filling the sky with dust.

A deep chasm appeared amidst the mountain ruins.

In the distance, everyone was left aghast by the scene.

“She’s terrifyingly strong.”

“Thea’s invincible!”

“Her sword technique is insane! Who in this world could withstand an attack like that?”

The spectators were shocked by the strength of Thea’s attack.

Even an unrivaled powerhouse like the Spirit Master was shocked and could not help exclaiming, “Her Sword Light is terrifying!”

Meanwhile, the Thunder King had retreated 1,000 meters away.

His body floated tens of meters in the air. He opened his palm, and streaks of silver–white lightning flickered in his palm.

The electricity leaped forth from his hand, and more than ten streaks of lightning surrounded his body.

At that moment, he really looked like the God of Thunder.

However, Thea was unintimidated.

She took a few steps in the air and charged at the Thunder King, brandishing her sword at him again.


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